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Here's How to Insert a GIF

I thought a how to thread would be nice, and this will be a great space for everyone to practice their GIF skills! Thread lovingly borrowed from TTGP.

If you're new, you may be asking yourself questions like...

  • What is a GIF party?
  • How do I get one of those gloriously funny moving pictures in my post?
  • What the heck is a GIF?
Well, look no further...

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image is a sized down clip of a video. In short, a GIF "is a graphic image on a Web page that moves - for example, a twirling icon or a banner with a hand that waves or letters that magically get larger." Click this link for the nerdy info

This is a GIF of a photobombing puppy:

Here's how to join in the fun:

From your phone:

  1. Go to Google, search for what you want. For example "funny cat GIF."
  2. Click "view image"
  3. Copy the web address at the top (make sure it ends in ".gif")
  4. Paste it into this code: <img src="https://yourlink.gif">  (you do not need the quotations)
  5. You can also click and hold the image on some phones and choose "copy URL," which does the same thing as copy and pasting the link.

From a computer:

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above
  2. Click the green icon in The Bump area where you type (looks like a photo of a tree)
  3. Paste your link
  4. Press submit - voila!
From the app:

     1. Search for the image you want as described above and either save it to your camera roll or copy the image.
     2. In the comment box, click on the icon of the folded over paper. Either press "choose file" and pick your saved photo, or if you just copied it, paste it into the URL field.

Remember...with GIF power comes great responsibility. Always GIF responsibly. 

Whew! All that explaining has me thirsty!


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