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  • @Dax28 just another thought.. I always wait til last minute for any purchase I'm going to make from a registry... I know it's hard not to check it and I feel opening things you know you're getting just isn't as "fun" as the surprise if I get it last minute and you think you're not getting it.. I also know for my shower a few people noticed their items didn't come off despite marking them as bought.
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  • @ashleym112 that's so cute! I knew baby girl must not like them because when she gets them she flails around like she's annoyed. I love that you got to see that face!  :D
  • LO gets the hiccups all the time too. Sometimes 5 times a day. Very active too, I think I've been getting kidney shots.
  • @KirstinH88 I just saw that too, and it made me go back and look at pictures from her "fake bump" scandal with Blue Ivy just for fun. This time they have bare bump pictures of her I'm sure to combat any of those same rumors haha. 
  • @KirstinH88 and @BabyBlake042017 I just read this too! Wow! 
    I think I've also started noticing the hiccups. Sooo cute. This little guy is pretty active in there. I wonder if it means he'll be a handful when he comes out. STM and up have you ever noticed any relationship between baby's activity in the womb and how they are once born?

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  • @doozenberg I hope not.. my daughter wasn't nearly as active on the inside as this baby is but she is a ball of energy.. she doesnt tire and hasn't napped since she was 1. This one better like to sleep!
    Abbygirl 5/2012
    Baby Boy due 04/07/17
  • @mrsbakes I'm so sorry you have had all these life things pop up. I hope at least you and baby are feeling better. 

    @dax28 I totally get it. Most stores let you return anything for store credit. I had to do some detective work with my 1st baby shower in order to find out where some things came from. It was worth it not to have pink, sparkle, ruffle, bunny everything. I have particular tastes and I just could not handle one more pepto bismol pink outfit! 
  • @mrsstuessy How did YH's interview go? Been keeping my fingers crossed for good news!
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  • @Nolegirl1185 thanks for your reply. I totally agree, I rather have friends there than gifts. Recently a few of my guests expressed great excitement for Saturday, and that really makes it worth it. I'm glad you plan a having a great time no Matter the number of people that show up. 
  • @KirstinH88 such promising news!!  I hope the best for you guys and my fingers are definitely crossed!
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  • @KirstinH88 yay! Awesome news!
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  • EkzerrEkzerr member
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    Pregnancy studying problems...may need to find a new set up :p

    Eta:@kirstinh88 that's great news!

  • @KirstinH88 Yay!!!! Awesome news!  Crossing everything pregnancy is allowing me to cross.... so pretty much just my fingers ;) 
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  • That's good news @KirstinH88, I hope it works out!

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  • @KirstinH88  - so happy for you guys!! Hoping it continues to go well!

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  • @schef070911 I hate that! I had two people say that to me recently! I just turned 31 weeks, and they both said "it's only downhill after 30" and "everything after 30 weeks sucks". 
  • @KirstinH88

    That's great news!!!!
  • I am starting to get frustrated when I sync my Fitbit and see the "how did you sleep" on my dashboard. I don't need my Fitbit to tell me that I am sleeping terribly. Thinking about deleting that portion of my dashboard just so that I don't have to look at it!
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