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  • Hi, everyone! My EDD is Oct. 28th I am currently 28 but will be 29 in May. DH will be 31 on Monday. I haven't told him yet; trying to hold out for a birthday surprise! Our DS just turned 2 last week. We live in Indiana.
  • I'm in Sonoma county too!
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  • I didn't answer the questions before, I'll do so now:

    1) What's your EDD?  October 20th (my wedding anniversary)
    2) Do you have other children?  Yes, a two year old rambunctious boy
    3) Where are you from?  Sonoma County, California
    4) How old are you and SO?  I am 29, my husband is 31.  
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  • How exciting! I hope you can hold out until his B-Day to tell him. I did the same thing, and it was so exciting and fun to do! :)
  • 1) What's your EDD?
    Oct 23rd
    2) Do you have other children?
    We have an almost 5 year old and 1.5 year old, both boys
    3) Where are you from?
    Ontario, Canada 
    4) How old are you and SO?
    I'm 31 and DH is 37
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  • Hi ladies! 
    Finally am able to post on this board and super excited to be apart of it!

    Let's see...
    1) What's your EDD? Hmm not sure. I found out 2/14 and have my first appointment 3/10. Don't know/have an exact date of my LMP due to a rather odd last cycle.
    2) Do you have other children? Nope, first one. Although my SO has two from a prior relationship 
    3) Where are you from? Chicago
    4) How old are you and SO? 30 and 43

  • Hey everyone! I'm glad I can finally leave posts.. it's been killing me that you can't post right away when you first sign up!! :)

    1) What's your EDD? October 20th but due date may change a little when we have our ultrasound at 11 weeks.

    2) Do you have other children? This is our first. :)

    3) Where are you from? Massachusetts

    4) How old are you and SO? I'm 29 and my husband is 32.
  • MaryTerrellMaryTerrell
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    Hello everyone!! Excited to be here and excited for you all too!

    First child, expected 10/7. I'm a personal trainer and my husband's in the Navy. We're located in Florida. I'm 26 (almost 27) and he's 30.

    We haven't told anyone yet but are going home to visit family at the end of the month and will tell everyone then. It's been so hard keeping it so secret! 
  • Hi everyone! All of this is so new to me but I'm excited about being able to connect with other women due the same time as me! I've been primarily using another app to connect with other MTB but I like that this has a whole group for women due the same month!
    My EDD is October 13th (Friday the 13th to be exact - good thing I'm not overly superstitious!) I still haven't had my first appointment with the OB they're making me wait until March 22nd and I'm losing my mind!
    No other children just dogs and cats - total FTM and still waiting to tell people which is so hard!
    I'm originally from Massachusetts but living in Pennsylvania for almost 10 years now.
    I'm 32 (33 in July) and hubby is 33. We've been together over 14 years, married 6 1/2 years and we're both really excited about finally starting a family
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    Hey there. 

    EDD is 10/15 but I went a week early with my first two so hoping this is similar. 

    Two kiddos, one of each, 4yo DD and 2yo DS. 

    We live in the PNW. 

    Both 34, he'll be 35 when babe is born.

  • I am 6W5D nd due Oct 24th, Very excited and can not wait for my 8W apt on march 16th!!!
  • Hey all!

    1. I am due around the 14th. Husband I will be celebrating our 3rd year of marriage on the 12th. We are an October couple, started dating, got engaged, got married, and now first child i all in October (different years of course, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017).

    2. First child, but not first grandbaby, both of our older brothers (who got married AFTER us) beat us. One was born November 2015, the other is due April 2017. 

    3. We are Texans, located in a little suburb of Dallas called Coppell.

    4. I will be 31 when Baby comes, and Husband will he 32. 
  • 1) What's your EDD? Oct 9th 
    2) Do you have other children? 1 daughter, 2
    3) Where are you from? Kansas city
    4) How old are you and SO? me, 31 so 32


  • A little late to the party here!

    1) What's your EDD? Oct 18th
    2) Do you have other children? 3yo girl
    3) Where are you from? NC
    4) How old are you and SO? I'm 33, SO will be 32 when baby arrives

    First pregnancy was a miscarriage, so I tend to be a little gun shy until I gain confidence in the pregnancy. I'm not sure I relaxed at all with my last one. I've had 3 appointments so far, 2 ultrasounds and finally got the "I think we're good!" from the doctor this week. 8 weeks tomorrow and on to tell the fam!
    BFP#1: 12/3/13 EDD 8/15/13. Heartbeat found on 12/26/13, HB gone on 1/4/13. D&C 1/7/13
    BFP#2: 4/19/13 EDD 12/28/13. Team Green for pregnancy and Baby Girl arrived 12/21/13.
    BFP#3: 2/9/13 EDD 10/18/17. Team Green for Round 2!

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  • Hello all! I'm from the East Coast. EDD Oct 17. This will be my third baby! I've got an 11 year old, and an almost 2 year  old. Waiting for my first ultrasound and OB appt on Friday! Nice to meet you all. 
  • AiramHAiramH
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    @GenTK welcome! My son was due in the 29th October but was born on November 9th!
  • GenTKGenTK
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    Thank you! 
    Oh my gosh, my DD came 5 days before her due date and I was so ready to have her. I cant even imagine going over like that! 
    I mean they come when they come but oh my! You are a Wonder Woman! 
  • SaffreSaffre
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    I feel like I'm kind of late, but my name is Stefanie. 
    EDD: October 10th
    Other children: I have a daughter and she'll be 2 in July
    Where are you from: Muskegon, Michigan
    Ages: Me and DH are 22 and DD is 1 1/2
  • My EDD is Oct 20th also!
  • Hi ladies! Excited to be in this group! My name is Allie and my husbands name is jason. We are due on October 5th. So looking forward to the 12 week mark (and praying some of this morning sickness eases up!) this is our first child. We are from milford CT and I'm 34, he is 36. I will be high risk during this pregnancy so they are watching me closely. It's so nice to meet everyone and read your stories! ❤❤
  • emgem819emgem819
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    @kgray#2 wow so exciting to see another VT'er!!  Where are you in Vt? We live in Burlington:). And we have same due dates!
    Married to DH since 8/15
    TTC since 5/15
    PCOS, 35+, diagnosed with pre-diabetes
    TI for 4 cycles: 1 round of femara; 2 rounds femara/ injectables: all ended in BFN. 
    3 IUI Cycles: letrozole/Follistim with HCG Trigger,all resulted in BFN.
    FET #1: Baseline appt 4/28/16, Gonal-F/Menopur stims, Centrotide 5/4/16, ER 5/11/16; 6/8/16 ET, BFN
    FET #2: Baseline appt 6/22/16, Estrace/PIO shots: 7/12/16 ET, 1st beta 7/21/16: 83 BFP, 2nd beta 7/23/16: 315. 1st U/S: 8/4/16 empty sac.  2nd U/S: 8/10/16 yolk sac appeared, everything stopped growing. Office D&C: 8/11/16, MC.
    FET #3: Baseline appt 12/28/16, Estrace/PIO shots: 1/17/17 ET, 1st beta 1/27/17: 146 BFP, 2nd beta 1/29/17: 336, 1st U/S: 2/16/17, 2 healthy twin babies measuring 7w0d.  EDD: 10/5/17
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  • Aloha :) I haven't been on the Bump since my son was born in July 2010 - so I feel like a newbie with this, too! ;)
    We are expecting our 2nd child after 2 years of TTC - 1 year doing IUI and IVF treatments.  We're cautiously optimistic. 

    EDD: October 3rd
    Other children: 1 son - who will be 7 once this baby is born
    Where are you from: Hawaii, but have lived in India for the past 10 years
    Ages: I'm 37 (will be 38 before this baby is born) and my H is 41

    Looking forward to getting to know you all :) 
    **a girl from Hawaii, living and driving in South India**

  • Hi everyone! Ive been lurking for weeks  :)
    1) What's your EDD?
    Oct 12th
    2) Do you have other children?
    Nope, first pregnancy. Only took us 2 years of practice...
    3) Where are you from?
    St Louis, MO, but living in Central FL now
    4) How old are you and SO?
    I'm 31, hubby is 28
  • Hi all!
    1) What's your EDD? October 19th
    2) Do you have other children? No
    3) Where are you from? Annapolis, MD area
    4) How old are you and SO? I'm 30, soon to be 31 on March 31st. SO turned 29 today!
  • STBMrs.DoveSTBMrs.Dove
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    (ETA: This is an extremely old username.. Already a Mrs Dove and now an XDove.  This LO is with my new fiancee.)
    1) What's your EDD? Oct 22
    2) Do you have other children? Yes. 1 Angel (07/07/04).  2 Sons (02/28/10) (06/22/12)
    3) Where are you from? Indiana
    4) How old are you and SO? 34 and SO is 33
  • @STBMrs.Dove you can log into The Knot and change your user name.  If it doesn't change over here in the community just shoot The Bump an email.  I changed mine earlier and it was easy. 

  • 1) What's your EDD? 10/18/17
    2) Do you have other children? This is my first
    3) Where are you from? McCleary, Washington (Tiny town near Olympia)
    4) How old are you and SO? I'm 36, He's 28.

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