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Monday b-fest 1/23

Is this a thing? I feel like it is on other boards, but I can't remember if it is here.

Ugh DH. He has to send in his immunization records for grad school and not only can he not figure out how to go about doing it but he is complaining about it without end. Dude, you have so few responsibilities. In fact, the only ones you have are dishes and laundry. I cook, I pay the bills, I manage our budget, I grocery shop, I contact the LL when stuff breaks, I maintain the car (in fairness I drive it much more), I manage our calendar. So forgive me for not feeling sorry for you having to track down a fax machine and your records. And don't even come with that "this is wasting time out of my life" BS. 
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Re: Monday b-fest 1/23

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  • HGRich said:
    Speaking of helpless men. Yes my husband is super sick right now. But why do I have to be the one to remind him to check his temperature and drink water and take his meds? He wants to snuggle and I'm like "heck no!" If you love me you will keep sleeping on the couch. He claims to want to snuggle with his baby girl but he doesn't want to feel my belly when he's not sick! Men are such babies when sick. Ugh. 

    This a million times over.  When DH has a cold if I do not physically put the pills he needs to take into the palm of his hand, he doesn't take them.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  Also, he is currently in denial that he just has allergy issues right now and not an actual cold.  Sometimes I think he actually may believe that "real men" don't get allergies.

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  • @Ekzerr my MIL did too! Haha. I made it clear from the beginning that I was not his mother and after a year of letting him leave his socks around the house he finally started doing it himself. And then his mother apologized to me. He's a mama's boy too. But I am NOT his mother! And yes @schef070911 the physically handing it to him thing. Just about every time. 
  • @HGRich  My mom is annoying like that too. This is our second baby and I have already declined two showers from friends, saying "oh, we have most everything we need. let's plan a party where everyone can meet the baby instead". I told my mom I have already declined two showers thinking she would get the hint. Nope, she told me a couple of days ago she wants to know what we still need because people will want to know for her shower. My reply was we are not having a shower for a same gender, second baby within two years. She said, "oh, I know it will just be a few people and family". SHE DOES NOT GET IT. It is not what I want. Her agenda is stronger than her being reasonable.  

  • @catem07  I was your husband in college with my now-husband. He had the primary income and handled most of the more "adult" things people have to do in life. He had 0% sympathy when I complained about school paperwork, W2s, FAFSA crap ect. He was working, in school, managing half an apartment with me and keeping up with our relationship. Since we have been married and became parents, I like to think I am reformed. I honestly take care of much more boring paperwork things. I do all the bill paying, dr. appointments, and even insurance price shopping! I'm surprised how much my priorities shifted towards a team centered attitude. There is hope for him! 

  • @KirstinH88 :) Thanks!! But then again you're biased - us Max moms know where it's at. ;)
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  • @nolegirl1185 I think it's a bit much to ask you to do that favor for her on a work night--pregnant or not--unless you are neighbors. I don't think she's obligated to answer those questions (but I'm guessing you're close enough friends if she would ask you to do that favor). 
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  • @catem07 We live about 10 minutes away from each other so it's not bad, but it would take me an extra half hour in the morning.  We are definitely close enough to ask those questions and her ex fiance is my husbands best friend.  I feel better about it this morning though, she texted me and and asked why I was at the hospital etc.  I just felt like she ignored that and didn't care last night.  
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