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  • oh man, I can see why you are anxious.  I have to start weekly u/s and nonstress tests at 36 weeks due to low papp-a.  But that's so close to the end.  Staying Team Green will definitely be difficult for you!  Fx baby keeps cooking for awhile!
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  • @awillis13 thanks! Our US tech knows we want to stay team green so I'm hoping there aren't any slips 
  • tjvan said:
    I love the comment "I could never do that, I have to plan and prepare!" C'mon people, don't be silly... the stuff is going to be a neutral color instead of pink/blue, but it's still going to be there...
    This exactly. Like, if you want to find out the sex, find out, but just own the decision that you want to know. Don't blame it on "wanting to prepare."
  • I was totally team "wanting to plan!" I was an excited first time mom and wanted to find out the sex for that reason. All my big items are neutral due to wanting multiple children, but for certain aspects, I can totally see the neutral side being frustrating for people. 

    Some people want the baby room a certain way depending on the sex, and what fun (if you can even get it done) is it after the baby. You 9 months of jumping at the seam to do stuff. 

    I had a shower and didn't want only white and yellow clothes. If that's flammable, so be it. 

    My second and this one will both be team green. Now it was easy to "plan" for the second since no shower, I don't do going home outfits, and my sisters, mom and friends were dying to get out as soon as I had the kid to grab me stuff just in case I had a girl. 

    But it would be nice to plan for this one. I have so much boy stuff including clothes that I could be selling in mom2mom sales if I were having a girl. I could clear out so much of my storage or start pulling it out, washing and putting it away if it's a boy. I have all this time now! 

    All that and still happy to be team green. It's fun!
  • Managing to stay Team Green! Everyone in our families is disappointed and upset. MIL said "at baby shower you're going to miss out on great stuff because you don't know". I'll admit not knowing was SO choice that I was against, but now that I'm on board nothing can sway me! Everyone outside our families finds it an exciting idea and are all guessing!
  • We were team green last time and the gifts were great!! It really made people stick to the registry and we didn't get random outfits or clothes. If it wasn't on the registery it was things we actually needed like towels and stuff!

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    Here We Go Again!!

  • I just left my follow-up AS since they weren't able to see everything last time, and I don't know if I should be angry or not. 

    The technician was somewhat new and had someone supervising her the whole time, which is totally fine, everyone has to learn somehow. I specifically told them both when I went in that I didn't want to know the sex and they said that was no problem because they wouldn't even be looking there. 

    They got everything they needed to see, and then since it didn't take very long the supervisor was quizzing her on things, like "pick a hand and show me the fingers" etc. During that part they were talking back and forth a lot more and the technician not once, but twice referred to baby as "he" or "his". I didn't react to it at all because I want to try to convince myself that she's one of those people who just defaults to saying "he" instead of "they" for everything, and I was worried that if I reacted she might immediately get apologetic and thus confirm that it is a boy. :worried:

    Either way I'm glad my husband wasn't able to come today, and I'm not telling him what happened, because he feels much more strongly than I do about remaining Team Green and I don't want to start casting any doubts for him. :disappointed: 
  • @CapricaAndrea so sorry you were put in that position! I would be annoyed too! 
  • @CapricaAndrea How lame! I would miffed if that had happened at my A/S. FWIW, DH and I tend to default to "he" when referring to the baby because it's just easier. Like you mentioned, maybe the tech uses it the same way!

    We had our A/S earlier this month and are still successfully team green, so I am confident we'll make it to the birth now (unless a medical necessity pops up and we have to find our for some reason). Our tech was super cool and made sure that we didn't watch for the first half of our scan and made sure to not give us any pics to take home that might show anything suspicious. Turns out the medical office I'm using also has the tech not mark down the sex on any of the records so even the nurses and doctors can't accidentally slip up at the appts, which I thought was neat. 
    It's strange to think there is literally one guy in the entire world right now who know for sure if we're having a son or daughter though...
  • @CapricaAndrea I bet it was just their "neutral" pronoun. One of my best friends is a nicu nurse, and she had told me that most of the doctors she works with call all the babies "he." And that's after they are born and have gendered names on their charts and all that. Also, my ob was just telling me today that she had a patient with the exact story you have (as tech used male pronouns) be disappointed about having their birth surprise ruined only to have a girl when the baby was born. So the tech was either wrong our just saying "he" without meaning it.
  • Thanks everyone, I'm a little calmer about it now that it's been a few hours, and I'm more convinced that it was just a default and not actually giving anything away. I heard the tech and the supervisor kind of laughing about something as I was leaving down the hall, and at the time it made me angrier but now I'm thinking that if the supervisor had been aware that she gave away the gender accidentally that she would have probably been lectured, rather than joking around. 
  • @CapricaAndrea that's a really good point! I agree the supervisor would have probably brought that up right after you left. So hopefully it was just the techs gender neutral word. 
    Are you sure the tech even knew the gender?
  • @kyreno11 I'm assuming they knew, either because they had a copy of my first AS (which would have had information about the gender on it), or just from her practicing and looking around at other things even if she wasn't specifically looking for genitals. I suppose it's possible that she actually didn't know, but it seems unlikely to me. 
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