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Team Green Check-in

Hello Ladies, 
I wanted to do a check-in to see who is still team green. Feel free to share reasons for being team green and whether this is your first time or if you've been team green before. Do you have any feelings about the second of the baby? Rants and raves about how people are reacting when they find out you're team green.  Share anything. 

Re: Team Green Check-in

  • I'll get this started. This is my first and my DH wanted to be team green. We just had the anatomy scan today and I feel like getting through that and staying team green is a great accomplishment. Now I can't wait for the big surprise when I have the baby! 
    Everyone in my family seems unconcerned, but being team green is driving a few work colleagues crazy.  
    I have had a gut feeling it is a girl through my whole pregnancy, but the feeling is fading the past week or two. 
    I use "baby", "he", "she", and "it" based on my mood.  
  • I'm Team Green. I know it's a surprise no matter when you find out (unless you did IVF) but I love the idea of the building suspense during the pregnancy.

    We were Team Pink last time, but found out because we needed something to celebrate as my family was dealing with tragedy at that time. 

    Also, it's a "carrot" for when i get to that inevitable point during pushing that I say "I can't do this anymore".

    I'm disappointed that the Mr couldn't wait. He said he needed to prepare. Whatever dude...

    People have been so excited for me to not find out. My MW was giddy. My OB said about half his patients are Team Green.

  • Team Green with pregnancy #1 and #3. Family and friends think I'm "crazy" and "don't know how I do it". Personally I think it's hilarious how many people are annoyed that I don't know. I loved that we didn't know with DD1 bc I decorated the nursery gender neutral, actually got things I needed at the baby shower (instead of a bunch of outfits that weren't my taste), and had that extra incentive to push (even though I always felt she was a girl).
    I threw DH a bone and found out with the second bc unfortunately he has gender disappointment issues. I didn't want the birth of our second child to be clouded if the baby wasn't a boy. Now that we have both a girl and boy, baby #3 is a bonus so team green it is :) 
  • We're mostly team green this time because we have one of each, so this will be the tie breaker ;)  It's also annoying so many people I know which is so weird to me.  We were team green with my daughter, but found out with my son because my husband really wanted to know.  He was actually the one who pushed to not find out this time!  I'm excited because the ultrasound tech didn't record the sex anywhere, so there won't be a way for the doctor to slip up.  Come on June!!!!
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    I am still team green, as I was with my daughter. Like Elyse said, it is good motivation during labor. I also think people bug us less about disclosing the names we have chosen (which I am very firm about not telling anyone I know irl), but that could be in my head. I also really dislike strongly gendered baby stuff, so I like that no one knows the sex to buy us things I wouldn't like anyway. And it gives me a way to examine my own assumptions about gender as i prepare for the baby without knowing (For example, one of the paint colors in the nursery will be a purplish grey. I hesitated to choose it, thinking, will this be to feminine if the baby is a boy? Then I thought through that reaction and realized that it is pretty sexist to assign a gender to literal shades of gray. I think that going through those realizations is good for me) I also hear so many annoyingly gendered comments about my daughter, and part of me just wants to put off dealing with that for a few more months. Just let the kid be a person without imposing that nonsense on them at least until they are born, you know? 

    This isn't too say that it is unfeminist or whatever to find out the sex earlier, of course. Team Green just works conveniently for me personally with my ideals.
  • I am team green, we had 1 ultrasound at ER for a bleeding incident I had. She knew the gender and we never looked at times when we could have saw. We have our anatomy scan next week. I plan to still NOT find out. It is making me crazy though, I have no feelings either or, have had no dreams either. People are already starting their guesses, and its making everyoe crazy. I can't believe how many people have asked for me to only let them find out so they can buy stuff! Um NO! I am mostly not finding out because of gender disappointment, I know at birth I wont care what is handed to me :) I will just be so excited, I am having a c section too so it brings back something special in the situation. The tech did try to play mind games with me when she did the us though, so of course now it has me wondering lol. 
  • Had our anatomy scan last week and still going strong with team green. 
    This is our 2nd child.  We were team green with DD as well.
    For us, we remember the delivery room all too well.  It was such a serene moment when she was born and H was able to announce it was a girl.  Speechless and all (the nurses asked him if he needed help figuring out what it was because he wasn't talking. lol).   I also went med free with her and felt like it did help during labor.  I would focus in on knowing each and every contraction meant I was that much closer to finding out if baby was a boy or girl.
    We also have everything neutral already anyways.  So it wasn't that big of a deal.  With DD I wanted everything neutral because we knew we wanted more than one child.  This baby is also going to be a completely different season than DD anyways.  So even if it was another girl, we'd need to go shopping. 
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  • Similar to @CurlyMommy416 I have one of each ( I found out with both though) so I have stuff for both and I really wanted to try the surprise this time around.  My best friend and one of my sisters both were team green and I really wanted to try it.  I am kind of dying to know right now haha but am really excited to find out after I give birth.
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  • Oh, also, people in other threads have shared so many obnoxious things people say to them about the sex of their baby: the you can/should be done once you have one of each, that having "too many" kids of the same gender is disappointing, that the basis father must be happy/sad about the sex, whatever. I'm hoping that we will get less of that once there is a baby attached to that boy/girl label!
  • We have our anatomy scan a week from today and so far we're still planning to go team green! We found out what we were having with DS, but that was more for DH because it was a surprise pregnancy and he wanted to feel prepared for something so I caved. This was planned so I told him we were gonna be surprised in the delivery room. 

    Our families are actually really excited about it but I have a lot of friends who say I'm torturing them, haha. We kept all our big baby stuff gender neutral because I knew I wanted to go the team green route with subsequent pregnancies and I don't buy many clothes beforehand anyway since you never know how big they'll be. 

    I'm planning on pulling this baby out like I did with DS so then DH and I would be the first ones to see if baby is a boy or girl and the thought of that moment keeps me strong in wanting to stay team green. I think it'll be such a magical moment if it goes as planned!
  • We are currently team green, but haven't decided for sure.  DH absolutely wants to find out, I didn't find out with my first (he found out with my step son).  If we only had this 1 ultrasound on Friday I would absolutely say stay team green and be done with it.  But I already know I have to go back at 28 weeks, and possibly weekly not long after that so i feel like it's likely that something will be seen or slipped up with so many looks at baby.  

    I loved not finding out with DS, I found it to be so motivating in the delivery room when I was struggling for almost 3 hours of pushing.
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  • We're team green and are committed to staying team green until the end. This is our first, and agreed early on that we wanted to keep it a surprise for when the baby is born. This has been met with mixed reactions -- friends and colleagues of ours who were also team green thinks it's the most exciting thing ever to hear that we're not finding out the sex prior to birth, while other friends and family want to know so that they know what color gifts to buy us. It really seems to be driving some family crazy :)

    What I do find amusing is everyone trying to guess what the baby will be - and they are so passionate and convinced that they are right. "You're having a boy because you're not breaking out on your face;" "You're having a girl because your face looks different;" "You're having a boy because they say that if the baby is a girl, the baby steals all the beauty from the mom...but you still have beauty..." The list goes on.....we've started tracking peoples' guesses and their rationale because they are so random. 
  • Oh, also, people in other threads have shared so many obnoxious things people say to them about the sex of their baby: the you can/should be done once you have one of each, that having "too many" kids of the same gender is disappointing, that the basis father must be happy/sad about the sex, whatever. I'm hoping that we will get less of that once there is a baby attached to that boy/girl label!
    H and I were over at some friends' house who have four daughters. They are done having kids. As we were driving home, H said, "You know, it would be really cool to just have daughters." I think he wants a son and at least one of each, and so do I, but it was just such a sweet thing for him to say. I loved it. 

    We will be team green for all our children. Early on, H said he felt that she was a girl, but when I asked him recently if he still thought that, he said he didn't have a feeling either way anymore. I don't have any feelings on it either. I don't put any stock in dreams, but so far I've had one dream that she was a girl and one dream that he was a boy. 

    We haven't gotten any pushback. It's actually a pretty popular decision in my family to be team green. I do have one friend who said she just doesn't get it. She just doesn't understand why someone wouldn't find out. "It's still a surprise finding out at the ultrasound." By that same logic, why would you find out? What will it change? If it's a surprise at the ultrasound or a surprise at delivery, why not just wait for the delivery? 

    I don't care if people choose to find out, but I think criticizing or thinking it's stupid to wait is silly and dumb. 
  • Team green here! We are just looking forward to the surprise. 

    Honestly the added benefit is that we don't have to hear anyone else's opinions and commentary regarding the baby's sex. My mother also is someone who will go out of control buying things if I let her (to the point of being obnoxious- it's not a good thing) and not knowing sex helps keep that at bay. We haven't decided yet if we will share our possible names.
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  • We had our AS yesterday, and I kept my eyes shut as hard as it was! I really really wanted to stay team Green but that urge to peek was strong! No more ultrasounds, so team Green all the way. We have two boys and one girl so we have everything we could possibly need, this being our last we thought for sure it would be great to just have a surprise baby! I also am hoping that this surprise will keep me going strong through labor when I want to give up. 

    Question, do any of you plan on announcing the sex in a special way after delivery? 
  • @keniialise Re: Announcing the sex.  We're really boring.  Once LO arrives, we just make phone calls to immediate family (DH's parents, DH's sister and my brother).  My mother joins us in the delivery room while my father helps with the kids.  After that I just want rest, but our immediate family gets word out to extended family and close family friends.  I do call my best friends at some point when I'm feeling more human to tell them how everyone is doing, but otherwise that is it.  My "social media friends" never even know I'm pregnant since I don't announce on FB.  One day there is just an extra baby in photos haha.  I'm curious to see what everyone else does.
  • My husband brought it up, since I did special photo shoots to announce with my older kids he didn't want baby to be left out. I think I decided we'd do some sort of hospital pictures, of all three of our kids walking into the hospital with "it's a ____" balloons. Something corny   :D
  • @keniialise We are pretty laid beck about , so we won't do shutting huge to announce the baby's sex specifically. My husband will call both his parents and my parents within a couple hours of the baby's birth to tell them the sex, name, health , etc, and they will spread the word within the family from there. I will have an email draft set up with friends' email addresses and send the same info out to them once we are settled in our mother/baby room and I feel like it. On Facebook, we won't have announced the pregnancy at all officially, although I don't worry about whether or not there are pictures that include my bump or whether someone else comments about the pregnancy, so the general world may or may not even know I'm pregnant by the time the babe is born. Probably a few days after the birth, we will do an "introduction" type post, just announcing the baby's name and posting a picture. Our names aren't neutral at all, so I don't think we will need to specifically identify the baby's sex, but we might do it anyway.

    I think your idea is cute though! Kids and baloons are always cute!
  • We are team green again. We hesitated finding out in the beginning but then just figured we'd do it again. Older people love it and say "that's he way it's suppose to be", younger people say "I could never do that!!". 

    I loved having my husband announce to me what we had last time, and looking forward to that again. I will say it has been soooooo much harder the 2nd time around. For a moment I thought I would give in and just find out, but I'm staying focused.

    I have no feelings about what the sex is. It has been easier to daydream about a girl since I already have a boy. 

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  • Well, we had the anatomy scan today, and we officially stayed Team Green.  Looks like DH's desire to avoid using cloth diapers was stronger than his desire to find out the sex early :-)
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  • I'm lurking because I always said if we have one of each and then a third we would be team green. Now that we know that's how it worked out for us I really want a third so I can have that delivery day surprise! Dh wanted to be team green this time, but I really wanted to know. So I know he will be on board next time. My mil had 5 boys and didn't find out with any of them. She said that even though she wanted a girl pretty much every time she was never disappointed because she had already seen their little face. That really made me want to have that experience too someday. Good luck to all you team greeners!
  • This is #2, we found out with our first. This will be our last so I like the idea of a surprise. It is kind of bugging my in-laws because they are hoping for the first grand daughter. I do Thu I people ask you less about names when you don't know what you are having.

    I am surprised how many people think if it is a little girl that I will have to "start over" with stuff. Umm, no. Most of my stuff is gender neutral anyways so all I need is clothes!
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  • Team Green.  We have a boy and girl already, team green for our 1st born, found out with the second and I loved my first experience better.  Few surprises in the world IMO.  We already have all the major things, and I have picked up a few outfits that are gender neutral to get us by until we need to get other stuff. 
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  • I'm still team green! Hubby says the OB who did the 20w ultrasound might have given away the sex of the baby but I missed it.. We have a recording of it and I'm so tempted to watch it again but I won't! Don't want to ruin the surprise. 
    Second time going team green and worth it! After a traumatising birth experience - the one thing that saved it was finding out I had a son! And the doctors sense of humour stating that it would be obvious once I saw him..(his balls were swollen Hahahah) 

    anyway I feel this one is a girl! But I was wrong last time too hehe 

  • I'm a FTM. DH have always wanted to wait even before we got pregnant.  I am okay with it. Just frustrated that everything is so gender specific! 

    We had our anatomy scan. The tech was very good.  She referred to baby as the kiddo. She asked us to look away both times she was around the area.   There were no clues for us at all. 

    Everyone around us are very confident with their guesses.  FIL "knows" it's a girl because he had a dream.  DH also had a dream that baby is a girl.  So far we have more guesses for girl than boy.  Plan to let them find out when they come visit the baby after birth.  
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  • @lumilumi the gender specific for everything is so frustrating!  I've basically decided I'm going to buy a few packets of plain onesies, because we will be coming home in the summer and a onesie and swaddle will be plenty warm enough.  We can hit up friends/family for gender specific clothing afterwards, or go shopping ourselves if we want.  

    What I tend to do when I get the urge to buy something is I go window shop, and then buy myself a gift card.  That way I'll have a stock pile of BRU or Target gift cards for after baby is here to use for anything - clothes, last minute things I forgot about like medicines, binkies, etc, or anything else I might need.
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  • We are in a unique situation because we caved and decided not to be team green anymore (mostly because we were gifted a whole bunch of very gendered clothing and I wanted to only wash and put away half). Well baby decided that us not knowing would be fun and remained in a "beach ball" the whole scan. The tech tried everything with no success. So now we are team green (which is how we started out). The funny thing is I'm not super excited for baby to be a surprise and I don't care at all about doing the extra laundry and having bins all set out for the dressers and closets. 
  • Had our scan last week and still team green. My DH swears he saw a penis but I don't trust him. We both are  "don't care, either would be awesome!" Team so we just giggle about it. 
  • Me and my husband are definately team green. This is our first baby and we are both super excited about it. Second scan will be this friday but I cant wait for June to find it either boy or girl!!!! This is all very exciting!! 
  • Anyone else going crazy since being team green and had the ultrasound come and go??
  • @Mport90 yes! Especially bc I thought I accidentally saw something during a leg measurement
  • I am just reading into everything. The fact that she had the screen turned the whole time, does that mean a penis was easier to spot. Ugh! Gunna be a long 18 weeks lol 
  • Just had our anatomy scan today, I was so worried we would accidentally see something that I've even been dreaming about it for the last few days. But we're past it and still officially Team Green! 

    I'm definitely reading into everything too @Mport90, like she told us to look away at a certain point but then at the end of everything she double checked to make sure we hadn't seen anything which immediately makes me think "does that mean there was something really obvious there to have seen?" 
  • Still team green! Aggravating most people and my MiL is taking it personal but I'm excited nonetheless. This is second baby and For the same of compromise,we were team blue first go round. 

    Some family members swear I know the sex since I have a type a personality  but I really don't know. 

    Admittedly, I sometimes wish I know when I pass by adorable baby clothes. 

    18 weeks left.we can do it! 
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    I love the comment "I could never do that, I have to plan and prepare!" C'mon people, don't be silly... the stuff is going to be a neutral color instead of pink/blue, but it's still going to be there...
  • @tjvan that drives me crazy!  Plan what?  You need diapers (neutral) and some clothing basics, which you can buy neutral.  Big stuff is neutral so you don't need to replace with the kids that come afterwards (if there are any more), and you buy some basic neutral bedding.  If you want to have boy/girl specific, you can pick that stuff up afterwards.  Besides, everyone buys clothes as gifts right after baby comes, so you know you will get a bunch of stuff for boy/girl after birth from people.

    I'm plenty planned without knowing the sex.
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    It's going to be harder for me to stay green now that I'm having weekly ultrasounds. I can understand the need to plan because I was gifted boxes and boxes of gendered clothes and diapers (we will cloth diaper). I only wanted to do half, but I will strip and wash both genders and have both ready for when we find out (After birth!)
  • @lifeislove87 why are you already having weekly ultrasounds?
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  • I'm on bedrest for a shortening, funnelling cervix. I'm anxious and worried but the weekly ultrasounds are reassuring and I hope to keep this baby cooking for a lot longer
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