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  • @cssme13 I'm so sorry you got such stressful news. I will be keeping you and baby in my thoughts and prayers. 
  • @cssme13 So sorry to hear this. FX for a healthy baby and good results! 
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  • @cssme13 I am so sorry to hear. What a stressful situation. And I am sorry you have to wait 4 weeks. I am sending lots of positive vibes and prayers for your LO. 
    @ktewart that is an incredible story!!

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  • @cssme13 I'm so so sorry you are going through this scare. I'm thinking of you and hoping for good news when they recheck. The wait is going to be tough so please take care of yourself in the meantime as much as you can.
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  • @cssme13 Sending lots of thoughts and prayers for you and your little boy! I'm so sorry for the scare and I hope your follow-up appointment goes well. 
  • @ktewart That is amazing!
  • @cssme13 Lots of prayers and hugs your way!

    @ktewart That is incredible!  
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  • @cssme13 I'm so sorry. Sending lots of thoughts and hope your way. 
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  • @cssme13 sorry you are limbo. Thinking of you and sending a lot of positive energy your way. 
  • @cssme13 I'm so sorry you are going through this.  Praying for a happy update in 4 weeks...and that the 4 weeks go by as fast as possible.
  • @cssme13 I am sorry that you have to deal with this worry and uncertainty! I am praying that they'll see 4 beautiful chambers the next time they look. And if not, like @ktewart's story, the truth is there are so many medical advances available these days (thankfully) that hopefully regardless your baby boy will grow up doing well!

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  • @cssme13 so sorry for the scare, will be thinking of you and your baby boy! As @ktewart 's amazing story shows, modern medicine can do great things should it be needed. Hoping for good news at your next appointment. 
  • @cssme13, I'm so sorry you're going through this.  Hugs and prayers.
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    Apparently I have a very stubborn child already.  Had to go back yesterday for a follow-up 2 weeks after my initial A/S because they couldn't get some pictures (heart and profile mostly).  Yesterday afternoon baby was sleeping and would NOT wake up or move.  HB was fine and all, but baby was facing my back and they could not see the profile at all and the spine was in the way of getting good heart pictures.  So now I have to go back again!  And by the time I left all the schedulers were gone so I had to call this morning. Currently on minute 28 of hold time.  Ugh.
  • @cssme13 i'm so sorry you're going through this - looking forward to a good update xx
  • @cssme13 so sorry to hear of your stressful news. I hope and pray it turns out to be nothing. Do you know if they were thinking it was potentially a single ventricle or a single atrium? The reason I ask is because my husband did his PhD work on single ventricle pediatric cases. What general area are you located in? There are quite a few specialists, and hope you can find some around you, if needed- but I really hope you don't need it!! Will keep you in my prayers. 
  • @maybeitsmadeline weird how I didn't respond to this! Thought I did. 

    Anyway, the office I go to never tries to do AS there. I'm always referred to MFM from the get-go. I definitely wouldn't worry. Congrats and welcome to team pink!! My daughter is definitely the light of my life can't wait to give her a sister ❤️

    Congrats @nktrodden826 must be nice to have it confirmed! 
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  • We had our anatomy scan last week and baby wouldn't cooperate. They were able to determine that this one is another girl, which works out great since #1 was born 7/11 and this one is due 7/21, but they said that she is measuring pretty small and they weren't able to get a look at her face, legs and feet or her heart. The tech kept making comments about her size and it makes me feel horrible because I've been so sick this pregnancy and I haven't been good about taking my vitamins or eating well since I have felt so bad. I know this is nothing compared to what others have experienced it's just worrying me now. My OB says she's worried I have actually contracted listeria at some point because of the type of sicknesses I've had and she's worried that there is permanent damage done to the baby. I go back 4/5 for another scan to see if she'll cooperate to get a good look at her face/lower extremities/heart and recheck her growth. I'm now being told I'm not allowed to eat outside of the house and I'm not supposed to eat any fresh fruits or vegetables. 
  • @sakeefer It feels like waiting until 4/5 if they couldn't get all the measurements is too far.  They had me come back, too, but within 10 days...
  • @sakeefer I am so sorry you have to wait so long for more answers. To echo @SpongeWorthy, do not blame yourself! It's so easy to go down the guilt spiral because we're the ones carrying and providing everything for the baby now, so it makes you think that if everything is not perfect it's your fault, but it's not. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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  • @sakeefer I'm so sorry you are going through this and have to wait so long for more answers. Big hugs, thoughts and prayers. 
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  •  @chiquita928 I thought waiting 4 weeks was pretty long too but they said she is in the 15th percentile so she's at the very low end of normal. My OB said "I'm curious to see how she's measuring next time because I doubt she'll be a lot bigger". I don't even know what she intended that to mean. 

    @SpongeWorthy I'm sorry you're dealing with that! Are you having to have f/u ultrasounds frequently to check growth? 
  • @sakeefer Yes so far we are having growth checks every 2 weeks.  We are measuring less than 5th percentile though.  That is a weird comment from your doctor.  We saw significant growth at the follow up scan - not enough to catch up to normal, but it didn't fall farther behind either. I would press for an appointment sooner if it would make you feel more comfortable.  The waiting is just torture.
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  • @manillabar and @nikkiandchris thanks for the thoughts! I'm just praying the next scan is good and there's nothing "wrong" even though we'll love her just the same either way.
  • @sakeefer sorry you have to worry about this and I hope it turns out to be nothing. Maybe LO is just small. I hope they let you schedule sooner than 4 weeks out, or cheat a little and do 3 weeks and 1 day and see if they'll round up? Hugs and prayers headed your way!
  • @cssme13 I'm sorry you have to go through that. Thinking of you and your little boy. 
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