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Monday Ticker Change 1/23

How far along are you? 

How big is baby? 

Team blue, pink or green? 

What have you done this week to prepare for baby? 

Appointments this week? 

Any new symptoms? 


GTKY: What is your go to for date night? 
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Re: Monday Ticker Change 1/23

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  • How far along are you?  28 weeks. Hello third trimester! 

    How big is baby? Baseball cap, eggplant 

    Team blue, pink or green? 

    What have you done this week to prepare for baby? 
    Panicked! Haha. Also, managed to keep us away from DH's 102 degree fevers, so far. Geez. Also, my MIL talked to me about a family baby shower. And I submitted a "where the crap is my package" form to USPS about my nursery prints that are 15 days late. 

    Appointments this week?  Glucose test and regular appointment Thursday. Don't know if I'm going to two weeks after that. 

    Any new symptoms?  Not really. All the same. Heartburn and exhaustion in particular. I guess I've had more tingling in hands and legs. 

    Rant/Rave/Questions?  I just still can't believe it's the third trimester. I feel incredibly unprepared. There's so much to do still. 

    GTKY: What is your go to for date night?  I try to be creative and find things like Shakespeare in the Park events and stuff but DH dislikes getting out of his comfort zone and likes to go out to eat or get takeout and a Redbox.  
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  • @M&Max, (we used this for 6 month photos, hear head is on the smaller side so 0-6 mo fit then for hats) (this hat fit perfect her first winter) (these sun hats are the BEST! I get XS for newborns.) (this fit well for NB pics) (this is the sweetest headband. it's perfect scale for a NB in my opinion, but I am not one for the giant flower headband styles. We used this a lot for DD1 and in NB pics for DD2. I can't wait to use it again and buy more from this seller)

    DD1 born 5/24/10.

    Missed M/C at 14 wks Feb 2012.

    DD2 born 5/14/13.

    Missed M/C at 9 wks July 2015.

    Expecting someone new 4/17/17.
  • @MWoodside ah amazing!! And now I'll be checking all of these out instead of working on this Monday morning :)
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  • How far along are you? : 27 weeks!

    How big is baby? : the size of lettuce 

    Team blue, pink or green? : 

    What have you done this week to prepare for baby? : 
    I made a hospital bag list and have been slowly buying some things & packing it. I know if I don't do this now I will definitely scramble at the last minute haha

    Appointments this week? : Nope. 

    Any new symptoms? : I am officially uncomfortable. My back is in severe pain always, my lower belly is just sore and is getting heavy feeling and I have been getting NO sleep because of it. I seriously feel like I got the crap beat out of me lol.  Fatigue is coming back full force (probably due to lack of sleep) and I can't remember the last time I've actually felt full from eating. However if I eat too much I get sick since I'm running out of room in my stomach. The joys of pregnancy haha 

    Rant/Rave/Questions? : Rave: it's getting so close!  Only 13 more weeks!

    GTKY: What is your go to for date night? : DH and I are homebodies haha. An ideal date night is to just order some food and go into full hermit mode. :)
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  • How far along are you? 29 weeks

    How big is baby? An Acorn Squash

    Team blue, pink or green? 

    What have you done this week to prepare for baby? 
    Not much, I'm waiting for the furniture to come in and for the shower on the 11th to organize the nursery.

    Appointments this week? Regular checkup on Thurs

    Any new symptoms? Starting to have upper back pain that makes it difficult to sleep. I'm experimenting with pillow configurations.

    Rant/Rave/Questions? Not much- just excited that we're all in the home stretch! Looking forward to my shower on the 11th!!!

    GTKY: What is your go to for date night? Dinner and a Movie? Sounds so cliché!
  • How far along are you? 27 Weeks--can't wait to join the 3rd trimester like most of you next week

    How big is baby? Lettuce

    Team blue, pink or green? 

    What have you done this week to prepare for baby? 
    Researched the classes we will take, still need to sign up, but I did research

    Appointments this week? Nothing for another 3 weeks

    Any new symptoms? Colostrum came out while I was showering the other day and I almost freaked out

    Rant/Rave/Questions? I feel so huge and I don't know how I'm going to make it another 13 weeks.  

    GTKY: What is your go to for date night? We don't go out much but when we do I would say a movie, putt putt, and ice cream 

  • How far along are you? 30 weeks 1 day

    How big is baby? zucchini, butternut squash, cantaloupe

    Team blue, pink or green?

    What have you done this week to prepare for baby?
    picked up a ton more baby stuff from a friend and the once organized nursery is an absolute mess again 

    Appointments this week? Friday for my regular (now weekly) apt

    Any new symptoms? lightning crotch has come full force

    Rant/Rave/Questions? Rave - baby is great!  Rant - I made a call to the OB's office yesterday after having more and more decreased fetal movement over the last 5 days.  Yesterday I only felt him twice from 5 am to 5:30 p.m.  I got a phone call back and my OB instructed me to go straight to the ER.  My little stubborn turd of a child decided it was time to show everyone the joke he was playing and WENT CRAZY for the first time in 5 days!  I felt him 24 times in 1 hour!  I'm so glad all is good, but really dude?!  My BP was also very very high (180/90 readings) when I got there and for a good hour and a half of being there.  The on call Dr. came in to talk to me and possibly do blood work for pre-eclampsia. When he saw me, he decided to hold off on the blood work and said it was because the nurse had me flat on my back.  They had me lay on my left side and took my blood pressure 3 more times within a half hour and it was back down to 118/69. I'm going to ask on Friday what I need to be prepared for because I see pre-eclampsia in my near future :(

    GTKY: What is your go to for date night? we don't really have "date night".  We just go wherever and eat wherever together.  It's honestly "friend date night" when we aren't together.  We are always together.
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  • @Nolegirl1185 super hoping you don't have to deal with pre-eclampsia! But definitely better to be prepared with what could change, etc before hand. 
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  • How far along are you?  28 weeks (+2)

    How big is baby? Eggplant

    Team blue, pink or green?  Pink!

    What have you done this week to prepare for baby? Hahaha thats funny.

    Appointments this week? Nope

    Any new symptoms? A weird giant bruise appeared on my boob! Wtf. Not sure if its a symptom or if i just bumped it, but its bizarre 
    Rant/Rave/Questions? Just the boob thing... anyone else?

    GTKY: What is your go to for date night? A nice dinner and usually a brew pub when not pregnant. 
  • Hi ladies! Long time, no see! I posted on here about two weeks ago and planned to keep up and things got crazy. I've just had so much going on and I think the winter blues are trying to strike me. Hopefully, I can get myself into a routine and be back to posting more often!

    How far along are you? 28 weeks!

    How big is baby? An eggplant

    Team blue, pink or green? Team Blue!

    What have you done this week to prepare for baby? We haven't done much for baby yet still! I did call my pediatrician's office today and let them know I'm having a baby so there's that! We need to work on cleaning out our spare room and getting ready within the month though!

    Appointments this week? No appointments this week. I actually hope not to hear from my doctor's office at all though. I had my glucose test last Friday. My doctor said no news will be good news. :)

    Any new symptoms? No new symptoms. 

    Rant/Rave/Questions? Anyone else have issues stopping eating? How do you combat that? I'm hoping I can find a solution soon so I don't end up gaining 50 pounds or something crazy.

    GTKY: What is your go to for date night? I love being able to go out to eat, just DH and I. I enjoy going to the movies too. Really though, just taking time for just the two of us is great from time to time.
  • @M&Max thank you, me too!  
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