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  • If your LO is having trouble with a regular sippy cup try one with a straw! My little guy hates regular sippy cups, but loves the ones with straws. Once we switched to those he drinks a lot more a day than with the regular ones.
  • We don't do bottles at all during the day, but Birdie gets a 6 ounce bottle first thing in the morning and a 6 ounce bottle at night. I'm not too stressed or in a hurry. She drinks great out of a straw cup or the 360, but those leisurely bottles get a little too messy. (Bottle one is totally so I can get ready for work.) I am in no hurry to cut out the night time bottle. I try to take it from the "if I were nursing" approach. There's no pressure to stop toddlers from nursing from a medical/dental standpoint. If a mom can nurse their baby to sleep until age three and beyond, I'm not going to fret about giving my 14-month old a bottle at night to help her sleep. 
    My daughter doesn't like traditional sippy spouts, and since they are bad for her teeth, we just do the straw cups. There is a really good one from Munchkin that has a weighted straw, so when she turns it completely upside down, or tips it when it's almost empty, she still gets something out of it.
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  • KFrobKFrob member
    @stephanienjer  That's our go to sippy and LO loves it for water, but won't drink milk from it.  You make a great point about the nursing!  
  • @KFrob I don't like to serve milk in it either. Mostly because it's not the easiest thing to clean. They give her milk at daycare from a spout sippy, and that is the only other non-water she gets aside from a.m. and p.m. bottles. She gets plenty of dairy from yogurt and cheese, so I don't sweat it.

  • I have the same cup and we do use it for milk but it is a pain to clean. I think I'm going to get a second one to use for water, especially since there's often leftover milk in the cup in the fridge which puts it out of commission for a while. But it is a great cup otherwise! 
  • @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it is recommended to make the switch around 1-1.5...there are reasons due to oral hygiene, speech development, and obesity. Also, its much easier to transition your child at 1-2 than 3-4. 
  • Interesting the different things one hears / is told... My LO started taking a bottle only a few months ago.  I'm guessing the ped wanted to make sure she gets a decent amount of milk as she said most kids apparently decrease the intake when they switch to cup.  We use bottles only for milk at moment and LO loves to drink from a cup otherwise so hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to stop bottles eventually... 
  • @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa as long as she's learning the sippy, open cup, straw etc. that is a-ok to go at her pace. 
  • Has anyone tried water in a bottle at night to slowly transition LO off the bottle?  I read it somewhere (forget where) and wondered if anyone had had success.  I'm not overly worried about it (she's mostly on sippy cups now, just doing the bottle at night) but she is SO addicted to going to sleep with a bottle, I worry it'll be a rough transition.  I don't think she cares of it's milk or water (she LOVES water, actually!) but she wants the sucking mechanism.  Thoughts?
  • @maureenmce No but my LO is addicted to nursing right before bed and I also think it's just for the sucking/comfort, not actually for the milk. It's the only time I nurse her now and I'm wanting to completely wean soon, so I'm kind of dreading how LO will respond. I think it'll end up being another sleep training kind of thing so I'm going to have to get ready for that battle. 
  • @fishee333 I have thought about making the switch away from nursing before bed too. He doesn't nurse to sleep but it is the last thing we do before I put him in the crib for the night. When I'm not here and someone else puts him down obviously he doesn't nurse then and does fine, so I think he's definitely capable... we just both like it!

    Anyway, I'm thinking of first simply changing where in the routine nursing happens. Instead of after everything else, I (someday :)) am going to start nursing before bath/prayers, etc. That way we still get to do it but it starts to be disassociated from sleeping somewhat. Maybe you already do this! I think it could be a good first step for us.
  • @mamadcb Oh I definitely nurse to sleep most nights, so this will be tricky! That's definitely a good idea about switching the timing of the nursing so it's dissociated from sleeping. I think no matter what it's going to be hard though, they are so used to their routines right now!  :# 
  • mestokesmestokes member
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    I just got this sippy cup and my LO loves it! He was doing 3 bottles a day and I decided to give this a try with warm milk and the transition has been easy. Hoping it's not just a fluke but he's used it yesterday and today with no issues. Just wanted to share in case it helps anyone!
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