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Hey! I’ve been vegetarian for three years and suddenly now that I’m pregnant I can’t stop thinking about pepperoni and steak! I definitely don’t want to go back to eating meat but these cravings are driving me crazy! Does anyone have any advice??

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    I actually did go back to eating meat when I was pregnant/nursing my daughter. I had never been a “good” vegetarian- as far as planning to ensure that I took in adequate protein and other nutrients- so I just chose to follow my cravings. It was strange to adjust but I’ll admit the meat did taste good and I felt strong. Years later, I have returned to the vegetarian life, and this time around I tend to crave vegetables and fruit like all the time. So I guess my advice would be to consider listening to your body and not beating yourself up if you do end up eating meat. It doesn’t have to be forever.
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    You should listen to your body. Craving meat could be a sign of iron deficiency. So you should probably get that tested. Had the same thing happen to me in my pregnancy.
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