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Separation Anxiety at 12 months

Guys, my girl's separation anxiety has finally reared it's ugly head - at 12 months! Especially at daycare or with my nanny it's a full blown meltdown.
I can't leave the room without her whining and following me, it's like her world is ending. 
Is anyone else dealing with this all of a sudden? Any tips greatly appreciated! 

Re: Separation Anxiety at 12 months

  • My daughter has been doing this but it's at an all time extreme lately. She used to be able to just be put down in her crib for a nap and whine a little and go right to sleep now if I lay her down and disappear she will scream bloody murder till I come back same goes for bed time she will completely freak if I try to lay her down without being fully asleep. She will only fall asleep in my arms in our bed then I transfer her. She's had quite the attitude lately but I guess it's fairly normal at this age. I am a full time stay at home mom so I know she's attached but it's never been this bad to where she screams as if shes being hurt. Hope all the aggression and seperation anxiety fades soon as it does not make for an easy day along with trying to wean bottles. Good luck momma!
  • With my daughter when she was anxious I put her on my back in the carrier or the front as much as possible. My arms got tired of holding her and I had crap to do around the house. I carried her so much that she got sick of it and wanted to get the hell down. Lol. It sounds silly but it works.
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  • @Hipshaker
    I got to have lunch today solely because of my Kinderpack! Now that I feel brave enough putting her on my back myself, it's been a lifesaver. Birdie has bronchitis, and has been fighting a high fever for days, so even though I'm sweating balls wearing her, I'll take it! It works better than being pinned to the couch with a baby that can't decide if up or down is right.
  • @stephanienjer sorry baby isn't feeling 100%. I use a woven wrap generally, but I bought an ergo just for back wearing him beacause he's a nut. I wish I had bought a kinder pack! 
  • @Hipshaker
    I loooove my KP. I am lucky enough to have a great local BWI chapter here, and they have built up quite a lending library! I borrowed their KP for 4 months before getting mine for Christmas! I was so grateful to have it when I flew from Indiana to California and back. Tula and Ergo hurt me, and the ring sling just wasn't love. I used a Babyhawk until the fall, but she was getting too heavy for me to wear her comfortably. I like the Lillebaby, but they're not as pretty as the KP.

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