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Buh bye soother?

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I tried to get rid of the soother today. (Brief history - baby is 4 months old and has had soother pretty much since day 1 due to colic) Naps went ok but this evenings bedtime was CRAZY. I eventually let her have it and she fell asleep almost instantly. We removed it once asleep.

She doesn't self soothe yet and this is obviously going to work against us.

I normally would have no issue however it is affecting her sleep. She wakes up multiple times in an hour sucking for it. If I had to count, I probably have to pop the soother back in upwards of 30!! Times in a night.

What has worked for you?


Re: Buh bye soother?

  • 1 hr in and already looking for soother


  • How are you coping @indy_chic?
    See this message is 2 weeks old. Have you had succes?


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  • indy_chicindy_chic member
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    not so good the first go. She is still trying to figure out how to self soothe since the soother has been all she knows. We are on round 2 now and have completely removed it during the day but allow for night bedtime. Naps she will only minimally cry but bedtime is usually a bit more chaos. Strangely the first night she slept right through!! Thought we were on to something but hasn't done it since. We are on the right track as her night time waking has reduced greatly. @tvh1982


  • She has discovered her thumb and that has been putting her to sleep. Although it will be easier to break a soother when she is older (our control), her thumb is def allowing her to sleep more peacefully (us too!). She fell asleep tonight within 5 mins, no fussing/crying! Record for us


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