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  • @direwolfmini Your mom sounds like she's all kinds of awesome! If my mom had that type of medical background, I'd very much want her in the room too.

  • Cbeanz said:
    @kiyamurph  how do you really feel? LOL

    I personally blame our entertainment industry for portraying childbirth as some kind of public spectacle where everyone feels welcome to pull up a chair and watch.  In reality it's an intimate, deeply emotional, spiritual experience involving varied levels of nudity, and extreme amounts of bodily fluids.  If I were a MIL I wouldn't particularly want to be there. It's a special and very unique experience for a couple to share.  If I weren't one of the parents I would feel like I was overstepping boundaries in a major way.
    Yeah, I've never really understood wanting to be present for somebody else's delivery, unless you are a medical professional obviously.  My mom asked if I wanted to be there when my little brother was born (I was 24) and I said no way, same with when my sister had her boys.  I would have been so uncomfortable.

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  • @Cbeanz Any talk about MILs makes me have a knee jerk reaction! 

  • @kiyamurph I have an awesome mom and bat S&*^ crazy mother in law. I would never allow her in the L&D room. She has the tendency to pretend that she doesn't understand English when she hears something she doesn't like. She has also NEVER been wrong in her entire life (sarcasm), and doesn't care about anyone else's feelings. She would be the person that would boss around the doctors, even though she knows nothing about medicine at all.

    Life is all about balance, I guess.
  • CbeanzCbeanz
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    @longliveregina I totally relate to your grippy socks vomiting situation. I think I had a gown on, but at one point I was on my hands and knees pooping the floor like a dog. My nurse didn't want me using the toilet so... Can't even imagine how I would feel today around my relatives if they had watched that. 

    I am damn proud of my labor and delivery and wouldn't want anything to cause me to have felt embarrassed or ashamed. For me, an audience would've made me feel uncomfortable.

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