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Glitter Fart 1/10

Because we all need a little bit of positivity in our lives right now... 


Re: Glitter Fart 1/10

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    @kswiger06 I'm so jealous of your swing! We're using the same one that's gone through 4 kids prior to this LO, including DS. It's the kind with DD batteries and you go through so many of them as LO gets heavier :unamused: if they weren't so darn expensive we would probably just buy a new one. 

    I'm hoping she won't be as high maintenance as DS was and we won't have to use it. 
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  • @ColeBug89 that is so sweet!
  • @lfrank12 my aunt has knitted a blanket for our baby & i was wondering about washing it too.
  • @lfrank12 @Janefelicity Washing depends on the yarn used. Wool or cotton are less common, but would need different care.

    If it is acrylic yarn (most common in US), just wash on gentle cycle and dry by laying flat or on cool. 

    Cotton's biggest concern would be shrinking, much like a t-shirt. Wool I don't use much down here, so I don't really know, sorry!
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  • @Janefelicity @lfrank12 With knitted/crocheted* items, when in doubt, hand wash in cold water, reshape, and lie flat to dry. 

    *I'm a knitter, but I'm assuming the advice follows for crocheted items, too.

    Some good advice here as well for how to handle woolens in general:

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