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How long can milk supply keep up only nursing 2-3x day?

My daughter is 7.5 months old. I went back to work when she was 3 months old and my milk supply plummeted, although I was able to provide her with her two 4-oz bottles that she drank at daycare. Then it went to providing 1 (with formula being the other one) and now it's taking 2 days to gather enough milk to give her 1 5-oz bottle of BM. It breaks my heart to stop BF. I tend to get overwrought with emotion about BF--I can't help it or control it. Not sure if it is some mechanism of PPD or just hormone issues or whatever. I had to give up the idea of just giving her small amounts of formula and nurse nurse nurse to  just make sure this kid is fed enough.

Anyway, I feel like the amount of effort it takes to pump (only to get .5-1 oz) is onerous, but I keep doing it to keep whatever tiny supply I have up. She still wants to nurse and cries if nothing comes out, or not fast enough, and then she gets a bottle. If I did just do it when I wake up, come home from work and then before bed, is that basically the end? Or can this be sustained for months? Thanks.
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Re: How long can milk supply keep up only nursing 2-3x day?

  • Seems to depend on the person. Some people can keep that up for a long time. For me, once my supply started going down (even when it was still pretty good), my baby wasn't interested in nursing anymore. You seem to have a different problem-your baby does want to nurse. I'm kind of jealous. For me, I pretty much switched to the bottle when she was 6 months :(
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