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mommy and me classes??

Anyone taken mommy and me or any classes w baby? Needing desperately to get out and be around other mom's. I've heard mommy and me classes aren't all they r cracked up to be just wondering your experiences w them? I don't know anyone in my area not to mention if have to learn a new language to talk w ANY of my neighbors. We've lived here since April and needing some adult interaction along w something new to do w lo.parks and going on walks are out of question for now (its been to cold-)thanks n advance:)

Re: mommy and me classes??

  • I live in rural Missouri. I have signed up for mommy and me swim lessons at the family YMCA. It meets on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings. It's fun for both of us and gives my husband and older boys a time to work out. 
  • I now go to a class at the Little Gym, it's more for the kids but there are adults. We do some activities but mostly they allow the kids explore throughout the gym with all the mats, balance beams to help walk, etc. 
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  • We started Music Together classes a few weeks ago and they are so fun!  They are pricey but very well organized and my daughter absolutely loves them.  We also do swimming lessons at the Y which are inexpensive and fun, but are taking the winter off since wet hair and winter air are no fun.  We tried the Little Gym but i found it to be very unorganized and expensive for how much we got out of the class.
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