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  • rap-2rap-2
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    I love these! I had one awhile ago where I dreamt it was National Ketchup Day.  Weird. I blame Prairie Home Companion...  I had another one where I gave birth and was sent home from the hospital about a minute later and was like, "but I don't even know how to take care of this thing!"...  which I figure will pretty much be how I feel IRL no matter how long they let me stay in the hospital!
  • Man, I had a dream-within-a-dream last night, so it really freaked me out. 

    In the dream, I woke up from some other dream in bed with DH and two dudes standing in our bedroom. DH grabbed a gun from the nightstand and shot them both, and the shots didn't affect them at all. So I ran out of the condo screaming, ran all the way down to the courtyard with them chasing me. 

    Then I woke up for real. Everything about our bedroom was identical and nearly everything about escaping to the courtyard was identical, so I was quite unsettled. 

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  • I've been having recurring dreams where I get really drunk. In the dream I usually forget I'm pregnant, get drunk and then remember I'm pregnant. At that point drunk dream me gets really mad at myself for getting drunk and I end up a crying mess. 


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    Clearly we like to rush along at lightning speed...

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  • thistle8677thistle8677
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    I'm still cracking up over your vanilla ice dream, @LSP87

    *edited because I can't form a sentence anymore 
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  • LSP87LSP87
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    @thistle8677 It was a crazy dream! But now you've got me thinking about a vanilla "ice dream" cone from Chick Fil A... mmmmmm....
  • This morning I woke up to a dream where my baby shower was being filmed and there were sponsors. I guess I was supposed to be getting the sponsors' brands as gifts, but I wasn't because I didn't particularly like those brands and hadn't registered for them, and they kept on saying "cut! We need to film that again," and giving me presents to open that I didn't want.
  • LSP87LSP87
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    I had a dream my baby turned into a seahorse carrying a bunch of babies in the middle of class at high school and I had to try to kill it because it was actually like an alien terrorist but one of its babies got away and it's baby was a puppy. It escaped onto a plane. I died.
  • Last night I had a dream that I gave birth on the beach and my best friend delivered her (even though she had just given birth to twin boys not knowing she had twins and they came out a day apart). She wouldn't cut the umbilical cord and instead made me walk with her to an apartment complex "health center". I begged her to cut it because I thought my baby was going to die but everything was fine. They made me get in their swimming pool and I was vomiting up organs. They moved me to a special hospital where they said I had to stay for 5 days under infection watch. I was by myself trying to get on my phone and contact my husband, monther, anyone to let them know I had the baby but nobody was responding because they were all at work. Lol 
  • So weird, but I dreamed about my ex last night...

    In real life, he was the only other guy I ever loved other than my husband, but we were young and he wanted to join the Marines and really I'm just so glad God sent me my sweet husband...but I did love my ex and I have always wanted life to be good for him. 

    Also in real life, a little backstory, I haven't spoken to him in well over 10 years. He has lived out of state for that long. I love his family, though, and speak to them on occasion if I run into them. They have met my husband several times and he always likes seeing them, too. It's a very friendly relationship with them.

    Anyway, ex is married, has twins and another baby, and life seems good for him. I've never met his wife, and again, haven't spoken a word to him in over 10 years, but she has MAJOR issues with me. When they flew into town a few years ago, they planned on driving his old truck that was still at his parents. Once she found out that I had ridden in the truck before (when we dated) she refused to ride in it all week and they had to get a rental. 

    Also, I'm friends with his mom, dad, and sister on Facebook, and she basically told them if they continued to keep me as a Facebook friend, they wouldn't be allowed to see the grandkids. His mom called me crying saying she had to unfriend me and was very upset about it...of course I told her that a Facebook friendship was NOT worth losing a relationship with her grandkids over or causing trouble in her family. 

    Anyway, his sister always tells me the weird stories about her, and even though I don't understand why she feels so threatened by me, I absolutely respect their marriage and their family and don't want to ever cause issues. 

    I dreamed that we ran into him and his wife at the store and she was OVERLY friendly to, hugged me, asked about my family, wanted to tell me all about hers, invited me to their house...super super sweet and friendly! We were like, buddies. It was weird because it was SO opposite of reality! Lol!
  • I had two doozies this week. Two nights ago I had a dream that my mom died. Ack!! Have you ever cried so much in a dream that when you wake up you feel like you were crying?

    Last night I had a dream that a ton of uninvited guests showed up at my baby shower- with a ton of uninvited kids. My mom and I had the awkward duty of telling them they had to leave. 

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  • I keep dreaming that I wet the bed. 

    I wake an insane amount of times each night to pee which is probably why. 
  • JCPSand2BJCPSand2B
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    My SIL and I are both pregnant and due about 3 weeks apart. Last night I dreamt that my 57 year old mom, (who's had her tubes tied for 30 years and has been through menopause) was pregnant as well. It was very Father of the Bride 2. It was vivid enough that it took me a while after waking up to convince myself it wasn't real. 
  • My dream last night entailed my cat & dog running away from me bec I didn't spray the backyard against flees and ticks. They even talked in my dream. WEIRD.
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  • I dreamed that I was about to get a tattoo on my shoulder, and I was describing it to the artist and she said "oh, to match the one on your other shoulder?" And I looked and sure enough there was already a tattoo there. Now I've been panicking that I've forgotten something really important...
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