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    I love these! I had one awhile ago where I dreamt it was National Ketchup Day.  Weird. I blame Prairie Home Companion...  I had another one where I gave birth and was sent home from the hospital about a minute later and was like, "but I don't even know how to take care of this thing!"...  which I figure will pretty much be how I feel IRL no matter how long they let me stay in the hospital!
  • Man, I had a dream-within-a-dream last night, so it really freaked me out. 

    In the dream, I woke up from some other dream in bed with DH and two dudes standing in our bedroom. DH grabbed a gun from the nightstand and shot them both, and the shots didn't affect them at all. So I ran out of the condo screaming, ran all the way down to the courtyard with them chasing me. 

    Then I woke up for real. Everything about our bedroom was identical and nearly everything about escaping to the courtyard was identical, so I was quite unsettled. 
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  • I've been having recurring dreams where I get really drunk. In the dream I usually forget I'm pregnant, get drunk and then remember I'm pregnant. At that point drunk dream me gets really mad at myself for getting drunk and I end up a crying mess. 


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    I'm still cracking up over your vanilla ice dream, @LSP87

    *edited because I can't form a sentence anymore 
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    @thistle8677 It was a crazy dream! But now you've got me thinking about a vanilla "ice dream" cone from Chick Fil A... mmmmmm....
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    This morning I woke up to a dream where my baby shower was being filmed and there were sponsors. I guess I was supposed to be getting the sponsors' brands as gifts, but I wasn't because I didn't particularly like those brands and hadn't registered for them, and they kept on saying "cut! We need to film that again," and giving me presents to open that I didn't want.
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    I had a dream my baby turned into a seahorse carrying a bunch of babies in the middle of class at high school and I had to try to kill it because it was actually like an alien terrorist but one of its babies got away and it's baby was a puppy. It escaped onto a plane. I died.
  • Last night I had a dream that I gave birth on the beach and my best friend delivered her (even though she had just given birth to twin boys not knowing she had twins and they came out a day apart). She wouldn't cut the umbilical cord and instead made me walk with her to an apartment complex "health center". I begged her to cut it because I thought my baby was going to die but everything was fine. They made me get in their swimming pool and I was vomiting up organs. They moved me to a special hospital where they said I had to stay for 5 days under infection watch. I was by myself trying to get on my phone and contact my husband, monther, anyone to let them know I had the baby but nobody was responding because they were all at work. Lol 
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