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Erm...Facebook Group?


Re: Erm...Facebook Group?

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  • Just sent a PM for the Facebook group. My insta is thedaint if anyone wants to follow that although I'm pretty bad about posting there. 
  • PMed you @DiFazette! I think. Darn TB app. I can vouch for @1982Babies and vice versa...we are in J14 together and she is normal. Ish. :tongue:

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    BFP 09.2015 - m/c 10.21.2015
    BFP 4.12.2016...EDD: Christmas Eve 2016!

  • I don't get on insta much but I'm @ashleaf_ on there. @DiFazette sending you a PM!
  • Interested in the Facebook group. I am enjoying the other but I've been trying to be active here too. I just seriously hate mobile bumping.

    @DiFazette I've sent you a PM. 
  • I hope most of you still stick around here! 
  • Since baby was born I haven't had the time to really sit with my laptop....and I can't stand TB app - like @MaggieG183 said. So I haven't been as regular posting on here aside from reading through some of the posts. I'm in the other FB group but would be interested in this one if y'all would add me. Sending a PM now.
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  • For whatever reason the invite link in my email isn't working, is it possible to invite me thru Facebook now that we're friends @difazette?

    Me:27   H:30
    Till death do us part: 7.2.2011
    Trying to conceive since 01.2014
    Low AFC and azoospermia
    IVF #1 03.2016 - BFP 03.28.2016
    Due: 12.05.2016

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  • FYI for everyone with mobil bump issues...I agree I can't stand the app. But I've never had issues with it just open as a webpage in my mobile browser. 
  • Is anybody on here know as Toddler Frat House on instagram? I'm trying to figure out if I know the person or not before adding. I know I've gotten quite a few follow requests from this group in the past few days.
  • @DiFazette, PM sent. :)
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    Married: Aug. 2005
    DS1: Born Oct. 2012
    DS2: Born Jun. 2014
  • @DiFazette PM sent!
    Me 32 DH 34
    Married 9/2012 

    TTC #2 starting 9/2019
    BFP 7/13/2020!
    Due 3/18/2021

    TTC #1 since 2/2015
    Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility 9/2015
    IUIs #1-#5: 9/2015-2/2016 all BFNs
    Moving to IVF with ICSI and PGS 5/2016-6/2016  Just kidding, BFP 4/4/2016!
    Spencer Elliott born 12/7/2016

  • @DiFazette: Sent you a PM too!  Thanks for setting it up and good luck with the 3 kiddos!
    EQD born 12/15!

  • Sent you a pm @DiFazette. With the baby here and ensuing chaos, it's harder for me to bump regularly, but I'd love to keep up with the regs on FB!
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    Baby #2
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  • maamawaabangimaamawaabangi member
    edited January 2017
    Me too please! 
    My IG is the same user name. 

    Due December 27th with baby #7

  • @LinziLoo09 I was wondering where you were. 
    Married 4/12/13
    TTC since 6/13
    Diagnosed w/ PCOS 4/9/15 - R/E recommended lifestyle change
    BFP 4/10/16 - DS born 12/16/2016
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  • @LinziLoo09 I was wondering where you were. 
    I was thinking the same thing a few days ago and when I saw you posted I thought "wahoo, she's still here!"
    Married: 6/6/14
    DS: 12/20/16
    EDD: 11/29/18
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  • phoenix870509phoenix870509 member
    edited January 2017
    Ok I have joined the darkside...Instagram that is. I'm so original, I'm phoenix870509 on there too. Add me, but who knows how active I'll be.

    ETA went on an adding spree just now
    Married 4/12/13
    TTC since 6/13
    Diagnosed w/ PCOS 4/9/15 - R/E recommended lifestyle change
    BFP 4/10/16 - DS born 12/16/2016
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  • Oh my insta is my sn here too. I'm very creative as well @phoenix870509 lol

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  • How do I get an invite to the FB group? I hate TB app and I'm only on IG to do my brand promoting for products I test. 
  • Oooooo. My iG is 3v3rylittlething. Yay! 
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  • @MombieMe send a private message to @DiFazette with your email address for an invite to the FB group 

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  • Late to the party  :#

    IG: c_belle_x0x0 (zeroes, in case your adding in the MOTN  ;))

    @DiFazette PM sent
    ****Siggy TW****
    natural pregnancy: 2008 
    Me: 28 (Hypothyroid), DH: 35
    Together since: 2010
    Married: 2013
    TTC: 2013
    Infertility: severe MFI, low AMH (0.5)
    Met RE: January 2016
    ER: 3/14 (4 follies, 6 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilized)
    fresh 3dt of 2 embryos= BFP (1 implanted)
    EDD w/ baby boy= 12/6/16
  • I'm not confident my first PM sent through so I sent another @DiFazette thanks again for organizing!
    Married: 6/6/14
    DS: 12/20/16
    EDD: 11/29/18
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  • @DiFazette I'm late to the party too, PM sent! 
  • @DiFazette PM sent! Thank you
    Me: 35 Husband: 40
    TTC #2: Jan 2019
     DS: 2.5 yo 
     EDD: 12/2/16 DOB: 10/22/16
    (Previously MBS2016 Dec 2016 board
    <3         <3 
  • Super late, looks like the party is over on fb now. Pm'd @DiFazette see you guys soon 

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  • First time checking in since announcing Jackson's arrival. I feel like I've been on another planet for the last 8 weeks! Total adjustment trying to figure out being a mom, a wife to a dad, and dealing with PP life. I'd love to get in on the FB group, I'll PM you @DiFazette.
  • Just PM'ed you @DiFazette - I kept meaning to join the FB group but so much of my daily to-do lists don't get done...
  • @DiFazette can you please add me to the facebook group?? I can't figure out how to PM you on this dang app. My name is Emily Lewis! 
  • Me also.  I keep trying. ;)
  • Hello!  To anyone that may stumble upon this post, the FB group is now closed.  
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  • gigemily09gigemily09 member
    edited March 2017
    Well that's nice. I've been a regular in this board since day 1. Sorry I'm just now getting around to asking to join, FTM here who has had a hellish first few months of motherhood.
  • Yep, been here since the beginning. Not cool enough.
  • The thing is, on Facebook you are linked to your real life identity. People took breaks, and that's understandable, but majority of the ladies in the group weren't comfortable with people who had dropped off the face of the planet for multiple months having access to that information. Also, not everyone recognized screen names, meaning even though you were 'regular' you didn't post/comment enough to be known.

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    Baby L: 8/4/2015  August 2015 Moms
    Baby E: 11/18/2016   December 2016 Moms
    TTC #3 08/2017  BFP 11/27/2017. 
    Twin B lost 11/22/2017, Twin A doing well. 

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