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  • mcdoug211mcdoug211 member
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    @thinkpositive2017i had a big one a couple weeks ago and freaked and texted my sister she said she thinks it's normal. And then when I read about it said something about pregnancy and periods but i didn't know/was barely even pregnant when it happened hah since I've had smaller ones but still freaky!
  • New one to add. Dry skin. Dry nipples that I'm pretty sure will catch fire if they're rubbed they wrong way. My face is flaking off too. Why don't I remember this from the first time around?!?
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  • Anyone experiencing brown discharge?  :/
  • koomy56 said:
    Anyone experiencing brown discharge?  :/
    Off and on in the past few days and it very faint and light. I feel like I'm looking for it though and if I wasn't I wouldn't notice it.  
  • koomy56 said:
    Anyone experiencing brown discharge?  :/
    Yes, brown and light pink for the past two days. Only when wiping and not a lot, but enough to have me worried of course! I had HCG levels tested yesterday and go in again tomorrow to test again to see if they're doubling. Very anxious.

    As reassurance though, with my son's pregnancy, I did spot pink at 5 weeks 3 days, 8 weeks 3 days, and 5.5 months, and everything was ok and he was born happy and healthy! With that pregnancy, I spotted the next day after having sex (every single time), after every cervical exam (my cervix was super sensitive), after bowel movements (I discovered I have a fibroid near my bowels which would get irritated with the lovely constipation pregnancy brings), and at 5.5 months, I had a blood vessel rupture which resulted in tons of blood in the toilet that had me certain I was losing the baby. And in the end, everything was ok and he's now 16 months sleeping in the other room :)

    Spotting is normal for some women in pregnancy, but of course it can also be a symptom something is wrong ... it just sucks not knowing what it is. I called my clinic about the spotting and asked to have HCG tests this time just for peace of mind and they were on board. Last time around, I had an ultrasound after a few of my spotting episodes (when it was later in the pregnancy) just for peace of mind that everything was ok.

    Hope everything is ok! :)
  • MrsVP614 said:
    5w+6 here. Nothing major yet. I was nervous about that at first, but I'm realizing everyone is different, and it's still early.

    -Sore boobs
    -So damn bloated
    -Vivid dreams
    -Slight cramping/nausea
    -Sleepy (but I work 3rd shift, so I'm always sleepy)
    -Peeing more (but also trying to stay hydrated)

    Just to reassure you, these were the only symptoms I had with my firstborn's pregnancy. I never got morning sickness, and all symptoms subsided by the second trimester. The worst for me was the bloating first trimester and the major fatigue. Count yourself lucky! :) 

    I did end up with acid reflux and major swelling/water retention in third trimester, but it was manageable :)
  • Thanks @kailapop and @jen83mn! I just had a BM and spotted red blood.  :( trying to stay positive. Oi vey. 
  • koomy56 said:
    Thanks @kailapop and @jen83mn! I just had a BM and spotted red blood.  :( trying to stay positive. Oi vey. 
    Are you sure the blood was from your vagina? A bit TMI, but I got hemorrhoids pretty early in my pregnancy with my firstborn and would often bleed bright red after a BM (especially in first tri when I was constipated). I started wiping up front only first, then wiping the back part so I'd know where the blood came from. Sounds odd, I know, but it definitely gave me peace of mind to know it was coming from my butt! I've already had that happen a few times in the last week, but knew it was from my BM. Thinking about you! I know how scary it is!
  • @jen83mn Haha thanks I needed a chuckle! I am sure.. I know it doesn't always mean the worst, so now I've got to just wait and see. Thank you!! :)
  • @koomy56

    Have you called your doctor? They may want to check your HCG levels or to see you, especially if the bleeding continues. I had blood drawn the day I started spotting for HCG levels and go back tomorrow for my 48-hour redraw to see if my levels have doubled and if the pregnancy is progressing. I do feel better knowing I should have a better idea of what's going on when I get my results on Monday and if everything is progressing ok or if I should be worried. 
  • @jen83mn

    I haven't called yet. I will probably call tomorrow and see what she thinks. I started oral progesterone supplements yesterday and am hoping that's what it is, but I've heard that happens more so with vaginal suppositories... 
  • jen83mnjen83mn member
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    I hope that's what it is for you too!

    I just went pee and had more pink spotting and a few small flakes of red ... and am now having abdominal cramping. It's not looking good :(
  • @jen83mn I do consider myself lucky so far... avoiding morning sickness would be amazing! 
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  • @jen83mn

    oh, crap. We can freak out together all night long.  :s crossing all 10 fingers and toes it's nothing for both of us! 
  • @koomy56

    Thinking about you and wishing us both the best!
  • jen83mnjen83mn member
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    **Potential TW**

    How are you doing this morning? I woke up today with heavier spotting and a lighter line on the pregnancy test, so it's not looking good and I'm expecting the worst at this point. Honestly, if it's going to happen, I just want it to get it over with so we can recover and start trying again. The wait is the hardest, and I just have a gut feeling it wasn't meant to be this time. I just feel so different than with my firstborn's pregnancy, like something isn't right. I go in for my second HCG test today and get my progesterone checked as well, so at least if that's a problem, we know and can take steps for next pregnancy. I hope you have better news than me! I'm rooting for you!!!
  • 5 weeks 6 days
    -terrible gas
    -morning sickness
    -increased appetite at dinner only
    -constantly need to pee
    -extreme thirst at night
    -can't stand my toothpaste 
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  • The exhaustion is real and my boobs hurt... actually I swear one of them is growing a lump that hurts so bad. Anyone else have that? I'm 5 weeks today and I've not spotted since Sunday but I'm still nervous 
  • Mood swings and nausea are setting in, also a bit of light cramping. I too experienced the heart palpitations with my last pregnancies. 
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  • @Breath_Easy92 whenever there is a lump hurting or not GET IT CHECKED immediately!!!  Most likely it is a cyst or fibroid but call your doctor ASAP!
  • @jen83mn

    oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. I was logging on and was going to check in with you! 
    I sincerely hope you find your answers today. :( hugs to your and your husband (are you married? ;)
    i hope it all turns out ok, but if not I'll be rooting for you, too, for it to happen soon and healthily next time around! 

    I dont have have any more spotting today. I'm hesitant every time I wipe.

    Hang in there! Fingers crossed it's nothing! 
  • @JustBored10 my doc felt it last week and said it was normal something to do with milk supply I just didn't know if it was common 
  • @koomy56

    I am SO happy you haven't had any more spotting and will continue to root for you and baby! 

    I won't get test results back until Monday, but at this point I think I already know the answer and am preparing myself for it. I honestly just don't even feel pregnant anymore - with my firstborn, things were so different and I just have a gut feeling, so I'm just ready to move on and start trying again once we get the all clear! (And yes, I'm married and we have a 16-month-old boy who has definitely helped get me through this!). 

    Wishing you all the best!!!
  • @jen83mn you will be in my thoughts and prayers over this weekend, hopefully it's just some spotting from a subchorionic hematoma or cervical irritation or anything else that's fairly harmless. I know the wait and how much it sucks. But I'm really praying that it's not over for you yet
  • @jen83mn  Just wanted to say I've been thinking about you, and will continue to think positive thoughts for you and your little bean. 
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  • 5w5d here.  I have a sore lower back (that was my first symptom before I POAS), I'm peeing a lot, I'm thirsty all day, I'm hungry 10 minutes after I finish a meal, and I cry at the drop of a hat.
    37/PCOS- DD 2/14, 10 wk MMC 11/15, IVF 11/16, FET 12/16, BFP 12/26/16, EDD 9/3/17
  • 5 weeks exactly today. Been a loooong road to get here and this is an unexpected miracle. 

    I noticed only when I was spotting and not getting a flow...realized I was late and voila! I have basically spotted on and off for 2 weeks now- mostly off. 

    I spotted a small bit yesterday, then had a BM today and had a tiny bit of red. My RE (I don't have an OB yet, since I was in fertility treatment) told me it's not uncommon to have spotting and this is a "very vascular area"- basically I am told to watch to see if it gets heavier or cramps. No more red after that. \

    Other than that I have:
    sore nipples
    difficulty sleeping
    on and off mild cramping/stretching

    DH & I both 34.
    8/16: IVF, antagonist protocol 
    21 eggs | 9 blasts | 7 normal through PGS
    10/16: FET  = BFN  :(
    12/16: Surprise natural BFP 
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    NOW on sibling journey. 
    2/20: FET = BFN :(
    4/20: Surprise COVID BFP

  • Super tender boobs
    All the smells make me nauseous 
    Always exhausted because I can't seem to sleep at night
    Peeing all the time
    Mild cramping

    This is the first time I have really had any symptoms during a pregnancy (PGAL) so I am so very happy to be experiencing any of them this time around. My OB says morning sickness is a good sign, so yay!
  • I can't sleep at night - but almost any other time I'm exhausted
    I live on the toilet - peeing constantly at least every 2 hours or so 
    Moderate cramping that's intermittent but enough to wake me up  - first sign I knew I had to take a test besides the lack of AF 
    Runny nose ( am I sick? idk )
    Boob pain
    Apparently I'm drooling that's attractive
    Mildly queasy - only when I eat or think of eating  
    oh & I'm hungry every 3 hours 

    Does anyone else get chills like really really bad? I'm freezing most of the time. It's 72 degrees in here I have a sweater on, and I'm still shivering? 

    Other than that I feel great :smile: To be completely honest - 
    I'm excited, elated. and just so thankful this pregnancy is healthy - so far; so good - 

  • I'm actually laughing as I read these symptoms, bc I feel like no where in my google searching have I read some of these but that I'm also experiencing these same things.  With my DS I don't remember if I had symptoms his soon purely because I didn't know much about the pregnancy process and wasn't sure what to watch for.  I was positive this time that there was a good chance at getting pregnant so I was on my game.  Here is my list in order of how they occurred:
    Sore Breasts, which went away right before AF was due then came back 2 days later
    Heartburn, like a mofo
    Constant full back ache
    headache that wouldn't quit
    cold/stuffy nose
    mild cramping
    spotting one time
    and now nausea 

    So despite how annoying these things are what we are experiencing is truly a miracle! It's the biggest blessing we could get! 

  • @jen83mn FX for good news! I'll keep you in my prayers!
  • b+kb+k member
    So glad to see other women having the same symptoms, makes me feel like it's not just me:

    Sore boobs
    Trouble sleeping but then exhausted half way through the day
    Headaches (although I'm prone to migraines so not sure if this is pregnancy related or not)
    Sore gums (like ouch!)
    Little bit of spotting yesterday but seems less this morning
    Dull pain/cramping that doesn't go away and causes the nausea
  • The symptom that made me think, "Well... Maybe we've done it?" was the nipple pain. I normally get tender breasts before AF, but this was otherworldly in terms of pain and sensitivity. Then one morning woke up and looked like I had a boob job overnight, so I figured something was up.

    I am at just 5 weeks today, so things are still pretty light but the headaches are rolling in every morning and take a while to pass. I am hoping that maybe those are just dehydration and I can prevent them. My sister had a baby in February, and I'd love to chat these things out with her, but DH and I agreed way before the BFP that we wouldn't tell ANYONE until more like 10-12 weeks. I am so grateful to have found you ladies to share this with! 
  • Let's talk grossness. Spoiler TW cervical mucus, spotting

    So... I started spotting brown, and then the cm became more brownish tan over the course of the day, now mostly dark tan. It feels like it comes more frequently  (which is not kind to my PGAL brain). And I'm not sure if my sense of smell is stronger or what, but I notice a strong.. odor.. all of a sudden with the cm too. Wtf. I'm sitting here monitoring to make sure the spotting didn't come back or increase, but I also wanted to vent and see if anyone has experienced similar grossness? 
    I've been on pelvic rest since the bfp (which succckkkksss I just want sex.)

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  • 5w+6d

    -Sore boobs
    -Extreme thirst
    -Extreme hunger
    -Face breaking out
    -Stomach/side pain
    -Have to pee a lot!!!
    -Sensitive to smells
    -Bloating really bad (I feel as big as I was at 4 months with with my last 2 pregnancies)
  • spiderlover25spiderlover25 member
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    @Sugargirl1019 maybe some kind of infection? They're more common in pregnancy. I'm dealing with yeast right now which also happened with my DD. It's worth calling the dr but unless it's blood I think you're okay. FX for answers soon! Our bodies are so weird... 

    **edited because I hit post too soon**
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    DD2 born 9/10/17
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  • First off, I just love how no one is holding back here. My symptoms have all been pretty mild so far. Constantly getting waves of the feeling achey and yucky like before you get the flu. I CANNOT stop burping. I cried while watching the documentary "Food Inc" .... that felt weird. Happy to have the symptoms I have as some days I wonder if the 8 BFP's could all be wrong. 
  •  I agree that the symptoms almost make me feel better in some ways because I'm thinking sometimes - "well maybe the 5 tests and u/s were wrong" I'm still in a bit of disbelief and shock having my BFP 4 days ago. But soooo happy to be carrying a little miracle. 

    It's also kind of like while I fear the cramps (that are light and intermittent) because of having had a loss previously- I'm almost comforted by the cramps too -  that "hey something is growing in there" feeling,,.

    While I have like every symptom almost - It's all worth it, so completely worth it.  :smile:

  • 5weeks + 0
    -sore breasts
    - back ache on and off. 

    These are are all symptoms of AF for me though so I am POAS every morning like a crazy person to reassure myself that I am still pregnant until I get my hcg numbers. I've never had a number over 49 before so I am soooo nervous about going in and hearing the result. I've kind of lost confidence in getting a positive answer
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