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Teachers: announcing to your students?

I'm a dance teacher, I do 18 classes a week in a leotard and tights, so I know I won't be able to keep the secret very long. How/when are you teachers going to tell your students? My boss, the studio owner, already knows, and she suggested wrapping my office door in baby shower paper so everyone would see it through the week. 

Re: Teachers: announcing to your students?

  • I teach 8th grade- with my first pregnancy I was a little awkward and never truly announced it! Haha.  This time around, I had a loss in September and so I am nervous about announcing much to them before a couple of good dr visits.  Unfortunately, they pay close attention and will probably catch on before I want them to!

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  • MrsD4911 said:
    I teach 8th grade- with my first pregnancy I was a little awkward and never truly announced it! Haha.  This time around, I had a loss in September and so I am nervous about announcing much to them before a couple of good dr visits.  Unfortunately, they pay close attention and will probably catch on before I want them to!
    Haha! I taught 7th and 8th grade, and when I announced to them at 15 weeks, I had one of my sweetest boys shout out "I knew it!!" When I asked him how he knew, he turned bright red and told me that I had put on some weight LOL. Love the honesty of middle schoolers! 

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  • I probably will do it right before their "growing up" program so they will just know how it happens without me getting any questions. I probably won't be out at all this year since we get out at the end of June and I'm due at the end of August, so I don't really have to say anything. They might even find out from other teachers talking to me in the hallway. That's how my last class found out I was engaged!
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  • Like @LadyDi711 I have curious littles too. Last time I was super sick (vomiting in class, lovely right?) and one of my girls straight up asked me if I was pregnant. I denied it and they were all confused why I wasn't going home sick. When I finally announced it to them, that little girl shouted, "I knew it! My mom was sick like that when she had a baby." In elementary, I spend ALL day with them so hiding anything is a challenge. I plan to go as long as possible! 
  • @lyndshurt the same thing happened to me with my first! I was in the hall sick most of the day, but never went home. When I finally told them they girls all said they knew! I waited till almost 14 weeks because I was not married when I became pregnant,and I told them the week after my wedding. A lot of my kids were confused how I became pregnant so fast.... 

    I try to wait because I've experienced a loss at 12 weeks. I don't want to be the one to explain how babies are made AND how a miscarriage happens.
  • I teach 5 year olds. I'm not telling them. 
    My co workers are already questioning so I guess they will have to know in a few weeks when we've told the family. 
  • Lurking from April17. 

    I teach high high schoolers and I still haven't told them (25 weeks). With my first I just waited until they figured it out (which was somewhere around 23 weeks, I think?), and I've been doing the same this time. I'm 'lucky' in that I carry very far back so I don't show until late, but I really kinda popped while they've been on winter break so I assume they'll figure it out next week. 

    Basically, it's whatever you're comfortable with and you think your students can handle. I've had coworkers that told their students pretty much as soon as they got their BFPs and others that never said anything even when they were about to pop. 

    OP, I think the door decoration idea is a cute way to do it, once you're ready for it!
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  • I teach early intervention babies and toddlers, so I'm only in their home once a week. I have no plans of announcing to the families. They will figure it out eventually. Honestly, I could wear a flamingo hat and tutu and most of them still wouldn't flinch.
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  • I have experienced 3 first trimester losses, so I would like to wait until I'm I my second trimester and have signed my contract for next year, but i teach in a village of only 369 people so I don't know.
  • I teach elementary and right now am not planning to officially announce to the students.  I think they will figure it out eventually, and if they ask I will just tell them. 
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  • I teach high school and I do not plan on announcing to my students. They are quite perceptive and we'll figure it out on their own:)
  • I don't think I'm going to announce to my students. I teach college - they'll figure it out.
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  • I am a dance teacher to. It's hard to hide anything in dance clothes, is there a dress code for teachers at your studio? I slowly changed to leggings and flowy shirts with my first LO during class to prolong the time I had before I had to tell the girls. With the first it ended up being a detraction in class for the first few weeks. My 4-5 & 6-7 year old classes had a ton of questions that would get brought up in the middle of class. I'm not sure how I will tell my girls, but I know I will keep it a secret until you can really tell I'm pregnant. 
  • I totally agree! I teach 1st and will just wait until they figure it out! All my coworkers know though
  • Teaching a University night class. I just hope I can last the semester without them figuring it out, or before my MIL spills. I don't want to deal with questions.
    I can announce at the end of semester.
  • I teach 7th grade and will absolutely announce. I always cared about my teachers and would want to know if one was expecting but would never have the gull to ask. I wouldn't want to put anyone in an awkward position. 

    I'll probably use my warm up board/picture to announce somehow. 
  • I'm a pre-K teacher.  I plan on not saying anything directly to my students, but will mention it to parents sometime in passing.  Several people (if not all) of the staff already know, so I imagine news will get around without me having to make an announcement.

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  • I teach a primary autism intensive support program. My direct colleagues know in case of any possible safety issues but likely won't announcw to my class and their families until at least after March Break.
  • I decided I'm going to announce to my students this weekend at our performance meeting. I'm going to have the director take a group photo (actually a video) and say something like "Say Cheese... Say Dance... Say Happy... Say Miss Jo is having a baby!" 
    People in my town are already suspecting, and it's such a small community that the word will get out fast. I'd rather be the one to get to spill the beans. We'll do a facebook announcement that day, too. 
  • Teach college and did announce to one student. She's pregnant and was telling me she may have to leave class periodically because she's been pretty sick and I felt like it was ok telling her then.
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  • I'm announcing to parents this week and next.  I was going to hold off, but a Mom saw me running to the restroom this morning.  I couldn't think of a way out of telling her.  Told a few other parents at drop off and will continue until everyone is told.

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  • Well, anything can happen here
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