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Not using cloth after solids

Is there anyone else who just doesnt want to do cloth after solids are introduced? I used them with my ebf son until he started solids and then continued on for a few months after he started the solids but I honestly hate the extra work that rinsing poops is even with liners. Im considering just doing cloth until my next child starts solids and then retiring the stash until I have another kid. I get to avoid the work and the cost of diapers for the first few months and if I have a diaper party for this baby I can just ask that they bring bigger sizes instead of small ones and then switch out of cloth when hes on solids and in the sizes that I get from the diaper party and could potentially avoid paying for diapers at all. 

I know a lot of mamas do cloth because its eco-friendly and its cute and not as a budget friendly thing but thats one of the biggest reasons id be doing it and with having 2 under 3 and being in school full time and most likely having a job adding in the spraying of diapers and getting a babysitter who would be okay with spraying diapers seems like sooo much work. 
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Re: Not using cloth after solids

  • Honestly, I thought it got easier once DS was on solids for a while.  It was gross and a ton of work while he was just starting solids, but now that he's eating three meals a day, plus snacks, I just have to plop the poops in the toilet and we're done.  If it's too much for you now, maybe just take a break and try again in a month or two.
    darkfyre[Deleted User]ftm_ohio
  • I agree with the above. I just plop the poop in the toilet. I've never once rinsed a diaper and never had a problem with the diapers coming clean in the washer. I think sometimes we make thngs too hard on ourselves! 
    appleloverinphilly[Deleted User]
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  • Agree with what's been written. 

    I plop the poop and don't rinse any residue. I even wash diapers with my clothes and everything comes out looking and smelling great. 

    I'll never go back to disposables. 

    We use disposables when we are traveling and won't have access to a washer and it's horrible. Always a blowout, always diaper rash...Just a mess. 
  • I don't think there's much reason to switch.  Once they eat solids the poop mostly plops off. It doesn't have to be perfect.
    [Deleted User]
  • So true. There's a lot of advantages of disposable diapers though it's costly compared to cloth diaper. I really like convenience, quick changes, they can come as hypoallergenic which is safe for babies. As a mom working from home, I found Pampers to be really helpful. 
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