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Stupid rants

Seriously, I hate it when stupid sh*t gets under my skin, but my hormones control everything right now.  So, share your stupid rants with me and let's kick Christmas weekend off right, haha!

In the US, dietitian is spelled with a "t", not a "c".  It makes me livid.
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Re: Stupid rants

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  • @wagnerw,  our husbands must be related!
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  • @wagnerw,  our husbands must be related!
    ^mine too. If he would just do do it right away, it would take no time and be done so he can relax! He usually tells me that he'll clean up before he goes to bed, I usually go to bed first--but I'll wake up at 3am to use the bathroom and see him passed out on the couch with a snack or the computer resting somewhere near him since he usually falls asleep the moment he sits down. 

    @chelle087 DH does the same with his car--I tell him that it's exactly why he drives the old car and not our newer one bc he doesn't know how to clean up after himself whatsoever. I can't stand it. 

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  • @smallanimal my husband does the same! And he also puts glass jars he's rinsed next to the sink, and soda cans. We have a separate receptacle for recyclables. Basically he's setting them there to clutter the counter for a week until he takes them to the bin later. There's no point, but he still does it even though I've pointed out the lack of logic.  :|
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  • My FIL does everything last minute. So he announces on Christmas he is coming to town with his family on 12/28 and only staying for about 24 hours and dictates our plans. It drives me crazy because we have to work 12/28 and 12/29 so now  my evening is spent at his beck and call. 
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  • The other thing is my own fault, but I couldn't think of a big gift for my MIL to give me for I got a $250 pumpkin crock (yes, I love cooking and pumpkins, but I can think of so much else I would spend $250 on). 
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  • My stupid rant is I hate my boss she is a incompetent bitch and with her stupidity and bullshit she is stressing me out ! So I will be going on stress leave before my mat leave starts . and I was really looking forward to working till the end of Feb at least to have some money saved . But my family and SO all say it's not worth the risk stressing about it all and to just leave . Pretty sure the way she is running the place there won't be a place to go back to work to when I am done my mat leave anyway. But still. It just sucks. :(
  • @NurseLaLa me too.  :/ I've never had a libido this low in my life. 
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  • Not feeling very beautiful on some days... just feeling blah and kinda puffy all over. Sucks b/c I love working out and eating good, but then look at pics of me and am like whoa...

    I also am not excited about my maternity leave at my work.. the US sucks when it comes to taking care of moms. It's so important to be cared for and be with the baby for new moms, but the government doesn't care! Some companies pay more than others, and mine is not good - we've been saving like crazy, so hopefully I don't have to go back to work too fast..ugh!
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  • @KirstinH88 oh my gosh! I'd be so pissed too! That sucks. 
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  • It's  like we are married to the same guy haha!
  • @kirstinh88 I'm sorry! That sounds so crappy. 
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  • @aboxofchocolates yikes. That sucks. But I get that. I was sick in first tri and also nervous about doing it then anyway, second trimester it really hurt a lot (sorry tmi), and now I'm feeling better but the pelvic pain is bad and the broken foot is getting in the way. It's almost ridiculous.  :D it's been like three times total in the last four months and I'm convinced there won't be much else from here on out. Because of the libido thing and the getting larger and the heartburn and the shortness of breath. Yaaaay pregnancy. Lol. 
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  • @KirstinH88 Wow,  I'd be so mad.  I'm sorry all of your plans were ruined today, lady. 
  • @aboxofchocolates & @HGRich I'm with you on the lack of libido and action.  We're down to once a week.  :(
  • @KirstinH88 that blows! Sorry dear. 
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  • @KirstinH88 That is unbelievable!  To ASK you to host the party and everyone bail, seriously....

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  • I am with you all dealing with low libido too. I definitely wasn't like this when I was pregnant with DS, so DH is probably wondering what is going on, but oh well. I am almost too tired to care.
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