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Weekly Fitness Check In 12.19 - First one in a while, oops!

Hi there!  Sorry, haven't done this in a while!  Things have been so busy with work and the LO, but then I had a bit of a health scare this weekend that reminded me how important this health journey is and I'm going to get back on the wagon of making it a priority.  (Long story short, I've had weird feelings of numbness in my arms, face and pinky toes so I went into urgent care and my blood pressure was SKY HIGH - like 168/86.  I normally have low blood pressure, so it was a shock.  Drs are still trying to figure out what's causing the numbness, they did an EKG to rule out heart problems and they're checking my thyroid and a couple other things, but yeah, I have had to put my health front and center.  I've been letting work, stress and taking care of Rose be the only things that matter, and I haven't been prioritizing proper diet or rest.)

Anyway, back on the wagon with a renewed focus - not just about calories in and out, but eating mostly veggies, fruit and unprocessed meats, and reducing stress, while increasing gentle exercise.  In good news, I lost another pound without focusing on it very much the last two weeks, and I still could get to my goal of under 200 by end of year.  And I've lost 12 pounds since starting this check in, which is good.  

How are you ladies doing?  Is anyone else struggling as much as I am with stress and making your own health a priority?

SW: 215
CW: 203
Mini goal - 199 by end of year
Pre Preg: 185
Long term: 150

Re: Weekly Fitness Check In 12.19 - First one in a while, oops!

  • Yeaaaahhhh. My progress has been a stagnant for a few weeks, but I'm going for an "eat whatever in moderation, just don't binge for the love of your waistline" attitude this holiday season. It turns out my will power turns to mush when there's so much delicious baking and socializing involved. Although LO is currently, as I type this, grabbing at my tummy rolls and laughing to herself, so this is shameful and somewhat motivating...

    SW: 225
    CW: 167
    Mini Goal: 160
    Pre-Preg: 175
    Long-Term: 149
  • Yikes, sorry to hear about your health scare!  I hope they get you sorted out soon.  
    I had the stomach flu last week so I couldn't eat for three days.  I haven't weighed myself, but I'm sure I lost a few pounds - I can't remember the last time my stomach was this flat.  I'm still trying to fully recover from that and the cold DS gave me, so I'm taking it easy this week.  
    After the holidays, I'm going to really try to be more active.  Still not sure how yet though.
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  • Scary stuff! Hope they figure out what's going on soon, @maureenmce!
    I haven't weighed myself in about a week (I'm scared with all of the indulging that I've been doing that I won't be happy with the number!). I'm trying to look at the positives...as of last week, I hadn't gained any weight (which is a miracle during the holiday season, in my opinion), but I hadn't lost any either! My new goal is to make it to the end of the year just maintaining my weight, and I'll get back to my healthy eating habits on the 1st. No more cookies and candy, dang it!
    SW: 206
    CW (as of last week): 175
    Mini Goal: 170
    Long Term: 160
  • SW:127

    I was about 123 pre preg and around 155 when I delivered. I'm still doing T25 and have actually stuck with it since when we started these check ins so I'm really happy with that! I would say I'm at a weight number wise I'm happy with still just wanna work on making eating healthy a habit like I have done with working out. I would say the majority of the time I'm eating healthy but there are definitely times I could be better! Lol I'm on the short side and my body type is the kind that will gain a pound even looking at a snack so I'm just trying to keep that balance for now because I am not about to pass on allllll the holiday treats! Haha 
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