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Gifts for dads

What's everyone getting for Dad from LO?  I was thinking about having DS get DH a Lego set since he collects those, but I wanted to do something about being a dad as well.  Anyone have any cute ideas?

Re: Gifts for dads

  • Is there something Lego that could be personalized? Perhaps a Lego ornament with the date sort of thing? My husband is into unique pocket knives so I ordered one and had engraved Dad on one side and baby bday on the other for Father's day and he really liked it.
  • Nothing. Haha. 
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  • l4rk said:
    Nothing. Haha. 
    I second this lol 
  • l4rk said:
    Nothing. Haha. 
    I second this lol 
    Thirding this! Once LO is big enough to think of a gift we will do one, but not just to give a gift for the sake of giving one.
  • Hahahaha! Isn't me doing 90% of the child-rearing enough gift?
    Just kidding. We have 4 kids, so if I got him a gift from every kid, they wouldn't get anything.
    We just wait until they're old enough, and then they can make something, or buy something.
    My favorite kid gift was a story my then 7-year-old stepson wrote me. Seriously a half-page story. I still have it.
  • krrpe99krrpe99 member
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    Daddy does most of the reading to DD. So I'm thinking about just adding a book to the collection. That should make for a good gift from her. 
  • l4rkl4rk member
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    @krrpe99 That's a great idea! Does she have the Gruffalo? As an adult, that's one of my faves to read... the board book version is also the full story, which is nice.

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