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  • @Xstatic3333 I'm planning on not leaving the couch for the next day and a half. For the baby.
    I 100% support this plan.
  • @poetryandoceans Sounds like an excellent plan.  I can only imagine the strain of both being on your feet all day and being responsible for children while trying to deal with waves of pain. I don't know where you live but are you on official maternity leave or were you able to work out a month of medical leave so that you still get the full maternity leave you qualify for?  I've told a lot of my co-workers that I want to start my maternity leave at about week 36, and they've told me to try and get a written statement from my doctor or midwife that says I HAVE to go that soon so I can take medical leave first, and then maternity when the child is born. The thing is my pregnancy has been so uneventful thus far that I'm pretty sure it won't happen for me. I'm just going at around week 36 because I am pretty sure I won't be able to waddle around the deli I work in and I REALLY dread the idea of going into labor at work. I'm a wimp I know ^^;

  • I really need to stop checking my Zulily emails. Every day there is something new I want to order but I need to wait until my shower January 14th. I did get an awesome deal on the sound machine we wanted though...

  • I had crazy dreams all night. First that H and i got in a huge fight at the hospital and I fell over trying to walk away and he just left me on the floor and took the baby to the hallway for his parents to meet. 

    Then that I met the girl from cupcakesandcasmere.com and she brought us over to her house to show me how everything is a lie for the site. Like she was just in sweats and her backyard didn't have an office in the back that was a hotel down the street haha

    then TW

    i dreamt this baby died in my womb and they were deciding if I should try to push it out or still do a c/s and it was taking forever for them to decide while he just rotted inside me and I had to tell everyone I lost the baby. 
  • @BeckS13 No, that would have been the smart way to do it; the trick is that my school actually closed yesterday, so I wouldn't have qualified for medical leave for the 3 weeks the school is closed. I either had to go on mat leave yesterday OR commit to going back to work for at least 1-2 days in 2017. Since I would be 39+ weeks at that point, I didn't want to commit to that, and it made a more seamless transition for my cover teacher for me to go off now. I'm in Canada, though, so I'm not too fussed about the 3 weeks of leave. Talk to me in a year, and I may feel differently....

  • @perrasucia holy shit! Side note though someone gave me her book? Cupcake and cashmere lady? I'd never heard of her before! 
  • Dreams like that are so awful @PerraSucia. Hope you can find good distraction to forget about it today. 

  • @homemake she's like a miniture version of goop and recommends insane things all the time. Like everyone needs a 400 dollar postnpartum nightie to feel beautiful again 
  • birdiejobirdiejo member
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    @perrasucia Lolwhut? I just spent 40 on a nursing nightie for the hospital and am feeling like I super splashed out. 
    Is it amazing and can you send links? I want one. 
  • Hahah @poetryandoceans I bought two because 2-3 nights but they were like 20-30 bux
  • Hahah @poetryandoceans I bought two because 2-3 nights but they were like 20-30 bux
    Same question as above! I have to stay 2 nights as well but not because of c-section. 
  • @homemake I got this one on sale and really like it 

    LOVE this from ASOS!

  • That's really cute @PerraSucia. I'm tempted. It would be fun to have something exciting like that to wear. 

  • I went looking for a nightie today but didnt find one i liked so i may be joining that gang @PerraSucia
  • @PerraSucia I am totally with you on the creepy and gruesome dreams.   Last night I dreamed about my dog that died before Thanksgiving, except she was alive and we were trying to kill her!   I don't know why,  and it was awful.   
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  • So sorry about those terrible dreams! I've been having some too - and they are so much more vivid than my regular dreams. And also I love the cupcakes and cashmere lady!!  I think she is less obnoxious than goop.
  • @perrasucia Lolwhut? I just spent 40 on a nursing nightie for the hospital and am feeling like I super splashed out. 
    I just did the same thing last week...  I ordered two kaftans from the same seller on etsy that made my 'getting ready' robe for my wedding day.  I thought it would be a complete thought somehow.  
    Unrelated to pregnancy/nursing, I love me a kaftan and a floppy hat at the beach.  So 1960's chic.

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  • @homemake It's this one from Gap. There was a sale so it came in cheaper than it shows on the site right now. It's super soft and cozy, but I will need to bring a robe because the hospital can be chilly...

  • @MLRocha my sister and I talked about about being a lady who can just walk around in ankaftan is #lifegoals
  • @PerraSucia & @krob - I feel like wearing them on vacation is a beginner step; maybe I'll progress to regular day wear at some point.  But, this is coming from someone who took years to wear a decorative scarf because I really didn't think I could pull it off...  Still can't generally wear hats though.
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  • @MLRocha i love a good hat, but have WAY too much hair to fit under a hat :(
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