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  • imalwaysme79imalwaysme79 member
    edited December 2016
    Sorry about your DS, @concreteangell , but that was super sweet of your H! I hope he feels better soon!
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  • poofwokpoofwok member
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    Thanks @imalwaysme79! He's on a waiting list to get his adenoids removed because they're always inflamed. So when he gets sick (which is often, thanks daycare) , his sinuses just get completely blocked. Even when not sick, we've got to pump his nostrils with a cortisone spray every day. 

    Also, happy belated birthday @tishb and @Xstatic3333!! Hope you both enjoyed your day and got spoiled ;)
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  • Awww poor little guy. That sounds miserable @concreteangell
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  • Hi! Currently sulking because a meeting I thought was at 4pm and would only run for 30 minutes got moved to 4:15 and will likely run past 5. I am allowed to hightail it out of there at 4:50 because of daycare, but I want to stay and show I'm fully invested in the project. Administrative board let drop a comment about my maternity leave replacement that has got me a bit jumpy. Need to talk to her before she leaves for Christmas break... sigh.
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  • Sorry to hear about your little guy @concreteangell . There isn't much worse than a sick little one  :/ 
  • @concreteangell my little guy doesn't feel good either :(  im sorry I hope it's short lived. 
  • I'm at the MFM for my NST. 
    Its 9:30am and I'm assuming that anyone in sweats is poor and on assistance. 
    The real question is: Are you in pjs?
  • @Spicyweiner is NST standard for your practice or is something up?

  • I'm at the MFM for my NST. 
    Its 9:30am and I'm assuming that anyone in sweats is poor and on assistance. 
  • @WinchesterGirl This really cracks me up, but at the same time, which ones did you buy that you got lots of them?! These things seem obnoxiously expensive, so my baby has maybe 4 pairs right now. 

  • I'm not in PJs. Mine barely fit. 
    @ohstars I developed Hashimotos this pregnancy so I have to do weekly NSTs since I'm just barely in the high risk category. 
    Sorry chick. Hope everything stays ok. 

    I've never been this pregnant before without being high risk, so I wasn't sure if at some point NSTs become SoC. 

  • Omg @kswiger06 I had a root canal a few years ago and it was so uncomfortable I can't imagine falling asleep during that. It sounds like something my H would do though. He always falls asleep during haircuts for some reason lol
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  • @Patience7150 I've gotten them here and there when I see them on sale! Also we got a couple packs at our shower.  :)

    @tishb & @kswiger06 Thanks for the tip on the mesh bag! I'll have to pick one of those up. Otherwise, our tiny sock collection will be gone!

    @Spicyweiner Glad you found the money order! That would have really sucked if you lost it. 
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  • I was creeping other boards and august 17 already has a HDBD...
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  • edited December 2016
    ^^Umm.. why?!
  • We started ours pretty early.....but that's funny. 
  • They also had a thread talking about a Facebook group
  • That's hilarious. I don't think we started ours until people were 12-13 weeks or so. 

  • I remember there was a general baby bump thread that some people posted in around 9 weeks... but we officially started when some of us (the early febs) were 14+ weeks. 
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  • I'm so sad I wasn't here for that. 
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