what does your 11 yr old boy want for Christmas?

my son is hard to shop for this year. He doesn't really know what he wants. Please share your ideas. Thanks
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Re: what does your 11 yr old boy want for Christmas?

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    I haven't been on this board in years. Something made me pop in today and I see a question geared for me. Naturally, I must respond.  Not sure what I'm getting my 2006 baby (is there a group for that?)  He really wants a phone. Maybe another xbox game. Amazon Giftcards. Soccer gear - a jersey.  He's also into socks with patterns. Good luck! 
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    Ok. So I just realized this board is inactive and I responded to an old post. :D
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    This is my 6 year old sons Christmas list.
    He wants:
    Bow and Arrow
    New Pillow
    Disco Ball
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    jesscak2jesscak2 member
    edited November 2021
    My 8-year-old will receive two huge nerf guns (one for himself and one for someone else to play with), a gigantic Indominus Rex from Jurassic World, a volcano construction kit, Lego Dimensions and a number of the accessory packs, the Lego Jurassic World Xbox game, and a $20 Steam gift card. A while ago also demand for a electric dirt bike, but I thought still he is too small for this. He's very specific when he gives a list and doesn't normally ask for much, so I split the list with his dad and my mom, and out of everything I listed, I've only bought four of the items (and spent less than $50), so I'll probably pick up some smaller items or get him another game or gift card to go with it.
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    My sister's son wanted me to buy him a remote car! So i decided to gift him as a christmas present.
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