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Missed Miscarriage / Update on Cause

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It seems so unbelievable I'm here but I am. I had a missed miscarriage--found out this past Tuesday at 9 weeks. We saw the heartbeat several weeks ago and the baby was measuring perfectly. At my follow up this last Tuesday, the heartbeat was gone and the doctor said it must've stopped beating just a few days prior. I had a D&C yesterday and they're doing genetic testing on the fetus at my request even though it was my first pregnancy. Has anyone else had experience with the genetic testing? I'm not sure what to expect. My husband and I are 28 and healthy. 

UPDATE 12/30/16: Our genetic testing results came back and the baby had abnormal chromosomes, specifically triploidy. Normally an individual has 46 chromosomes (23 from mom and 23 from dad) but our baby had 69, which means it inherited an extra set from me or my husband. It could've been two sperm that fertilized the egg or my egg had an extra set in it. It was not a molar pregnancy or partial molar. The doctor said triploidy is not compatible with life and every baby will either be miscarried or die within days of being born if it survives to term. I'm at peace with these results. It is not a heredity condition and supposedly is completely random. The doctor said we can start trying again after my first cycle so hopefully things will go better next time..

Re: Missed Miscarriage / Update on Cause

  • I am so sorry :(
    I had a mmc too and all the emotions of it are so hard. I didn't choose to do genetic testing, but now I wish I would have. 
  • I am so sorry you are here. I didn't have any genetic testing done with my d&c. 
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  • I am so sorry you find yourself here.  I did not have genetic testing done.  
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  • Thank you everyone. I'm so sorry any of us have to be here. I'm hoping I can get some answers from the testing but I'm not too optimistic about it. 
  • I got a pathology test after my MMC and it showed that the baby was a boy and was normal and healthy. There was not a chromosomal abnormality.

    Since I got those results back, my OB had me get blood taken to test to see if I have an autoimmune disorder that could have formed after the birth of my first child (he is 2.5 years old). I have really bad eczema and eczema is a sign of an autoimmune response. So, now I am waiting for the blood test results.

    If it is an autoimmune disease, both my OB and I are hoping it is treatable through medicine. She is hoping I can be treated once I try to get pregnant again and through pregnancy.

    If not an autoimmune disease, then I have to accept that the MMC was a complete mystery.

    We'll see what happens but I am hoping for the best and that I can gracefully accept the results.

    This was my experience and I hope you get some answers but if not I hope you will be able to find peace somehow. I am still filled with worry, but trying to stay positive.
  • So sorry @Amanda1443994 but I'm glad the results brought you some answers and peace.
  • I also experienced a triploidy loss. I had a us at 6wks 4 days and baby looked great, heartbeat was good. I was so happy after miscarrying prior. I had spotting and cramping one night and went to my dr that next morning. Baby measured exactly where it should be at 8wks2days but no longer had a heartbeat. I had the d&c and got my results back saying partial molar triploidy. I had to get blood draws every 2 days, then once a week, then once every 2 weeks, and then once a month for a long time. If it was just triploidy i wouldnt of had to do all that. I was also told it was likely bad luck. I think you have great chances of having a healthy beautiful baby. Im 29 and DF is 31. I know we will have our rainbows. 
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