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Sibling names too similar to Silas?

I swore I'd never be this parent, but most of the names my husband and I agree on just happen to begin with S. We have one son, Silas, and are hoping for 2-3 more children. Are these names just too similar?

Shepherd (boy)
Selah (girl, pronounced Say-luh)
Shiloh (girl)

Re: Sibling names too similar to Silas?

  • I dont like how any of them sound with Silas.
  • Shepherd could possibly work, the girl names are way too similar 
    Me (29) & DH (30)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
  • Selah and Shiloh are way too close. 

    Shepherd sound wise isn't, but tell the Starbucks barista the next time you go in that your name is Sheep Herder, and see how they react. random surnames/job titles tend to work best as middle names.
  • The girl names are too close. Shepherd is NMS but doesn't necessarily clash. Suggesting Samuel, Jasper, Sebastian and Solomon for boys. Suggesting also Savannah, Estelle, Stella, Sierra and Simone for girls.
  • Girl names are beyond too matchy and Shepherd is very awkward as a first name especially with Silas which is so great. 

  • I LOVE Shepherd (nn Shep) for a boy! 
  • Agree with @emilyalso I love Shepherd!
  • Too similar 
  • I know what you mean, I swore I wouldn't be the parent that synchronizes my kids names. but when we found out we were having a girl and my fiances family threw fits over the 2 names we had picked, we went with the third name we had. So they'll bet Declan and Delanie. I personally LOVE Shiloh, but think of it as and boy name (Shiloh book series) and I like Shepard alot. the middle name I'm mot feeling. Too short, IMO. 

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