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How much water are you drinking per day?


Re: How much water are you drinking per day?

  • I have a glass Camelbak that is about 24oz and I fill it up at least 4 times. But it's not unusual to drink 5-6 a day. Although I don't drink much through the night so I still wake up with a dry throat. 
  • This is what I am the absolute WORST for.  I never drank a lot of water before I was pregnant so it's been stupid hard to get into the habit now. I have one of those glass Arizona green tea bottles I use for a water bottle next to my bed, and on a good day I might finish off two of them. I try to have water at work but my job requires so much running around that I never seem to get the time to duck into the cooler for my water bottle there.  I know I have to do better but I really find it difficult.

  • I definitely don't drink enough. My goal is 64oz (have a 32oz camelbak on my desk at work) but you ladies are way ahead of me....
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  • Ugh, I definitely don't drink enough, especially on the weekends. My midwives tell me to drink more than 100 oz. of pure water a day but I honestly get a maximum of 80 oz. My weekends I'm lucky to get in 40 oz. but I was told a few years ago that milk, juice, and sports drinks can count as "water/fluid" intake at a ratio of 8 oz. equals 6 oz. of water. So that 8 oz glass of milk can count as 6 oz. of water.
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  • I hate water so much and I don't keep track of how much I drink. I just force myself to keep refilling the 2 20oz purple water bottles I have over and over. The dry mouth feeling really helps me in forcing myself to drink a lot more, especially when I wake up at night or first thing in the morning. 
  • I try to drink it constantly after my Braxton hicks experience.  That was brutal so I highly recommend getting your fill on!
  • I have low blood pressure like @scottipino and was also told at 20 weeks that I had low fluid (though now they say it's normal) so now I fill up a full gallon container every night and pour it into my water bottle to drink throughout the day. I get at least 128 fl oz of straight water per day, then whatever is in my food and other beverages. 
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