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How much water are you drinking per day?

Just curious! I'm forcing it on myself constantly and wondering how much everyone else is forcing down :)
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Re: How much water are you drinking per day?

  • Probably not enough lol but at least a few bottles a day.
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  • 74-96 ounces a day. I just keep refilling my 24 oz water bottle. But I definitely need to aim more for 96+ on a daily basis
  • 90-100 fl oz/ day
  • I'm not keeping track but I would guess something like 3-4 quarts a day? I drink a LOT of water... I keep a 16 oz fun bottle at my desk and just keep refilling it. The plus side is that I get my water intake. The minus side is that I have to get up to pee what feels like every 2 seconds... like a 5 year old... or a pregnant woman! :wink: 
  • 90-100 fl oz/ day
    You must pee soooooo much!!!
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  • Not enough... 30-40 ounces regularly, sometimes I can force more. I've never been a big water drinker, usually just feel "sloshy" and bloated when I drink more than that.
  • I get about 64-80 oz in at work each day and probably another 48 oz at night.  Luckily, this is a pre-pregnancy habit and my body is pretty used to it (I'm still only getting up once each night to pee).

    I don't drink nearly as much on the weekends and I can tell right away (my lips are usually chapped/peeling by Monday).  
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  • At least 50 - 70 oz a day? I think it varies every day but that's generally what I drink in water. I also have a coffee and cranberry juice through out the day.
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  • I'm a weirdo. I love water and am constantly thirsty. I don't keep track strictly but I'm definitely over 100 oz. 

  • I aim for 80oz  a day but am probably closer to the 60-70oz range on weekdays. Weekends I really need to work on getting better, it's probably closer to 40-50oz on the weekends and I can definitely tell my body isn't happy with it. I like to have at least 1 glass of juice or milk in addition to the water each day.
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  • @MLRocha I'm the same way. I actually feel bad or extra tired on the weekends since my body is used to so much during the week. 
  • I definitely have the same problem with weekends!
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  • I drink a 1.5litre & a 500ml bottle per day in work then up to the same again at home in the evening. +1 for not drinking as much at the weekends though, i just find it easier to drink it sitting at my desk.
  • I strive for around 80oz, probably fall in the 60/70oz, but am having increasing charlie horses at night so am trying to get up over 80oz each day lately. The weekends I am terrible. 

  • Definitely not enough. Must get better. 
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  • 90-100 fl oz/ day
    You must pee soooooo much!!!
    Sooooo much!
  • At least 64 oz., sometimes more. I have a 32 oz. Walmart brand Yetti that I fill at least twice a day. I've never been a huge liquid drinker, so I think I'm doing alright considering how much I drank before I was pregnant.

    I've also noticed it's easier for me to drink more during the week than on weekends! I think it might be because my cup is sitting right in front of me at my desk so it's a constant reminder to drink water.
  • my goal is 100, but I fall much closer to 80.  I have found that my swelling is SO much better when I drink like I should, so I'm trying.  
  • I probably drink about 80 oz a day

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  • +1 to being bad on the weekends! I'm great when I'm at work with my 24-oz bottle that I fill up at least twice a day. Then I have 2-4 more glasses at home. On the weekends I'm lucky if I remember to have four glasses. And I don't think the 4+ glasses of milk I practically mainline every day count as proper fluids. 
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  • Not nearly as much as I should be drinking I need to start working on that again.   I am also having issues with constipation and annoying Braxton Hicks contractions which I realize could be helped by drinking more water!
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  • I try to get 100oz a day. I use the same cup that is 20oz so my daily goal is to fill it at least 4 times at work and one or more at home. 
  • My main pregnancy symptom has been insatiable thirst, so I've been drinking probably 100-120 oz a day. I have a 30 oz cup with a straw at work that I fill up at least 3 times. I notice if I have a straw I drink way more too. 
  • I have a 24oz tumbler that I make myself fill and drink at least 4 times in one day. But preferably 5. 
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  • I'd guess around 60? I am pretty bad about having a large tea in the mornings, and then also a glass of milk or OJ most days. So, plenty of liquids but not as much water as I'm supposed to.  :s
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  • My goal is 100oz. It depends on which of my sippy cups I'm using but if my cup is too small, I don't hit my goal. Cause I'm lazy. 

  • 80 oz, at minimum 64oz. 
  • Somewhere around 80 oz. I don't keep track either but I do feel a lot better when I'm hydrated throughout the day. 
  • I am the outlier here because I have low blood pressure.  I drink at least 120-150oz per day.  I actually drink 30oz before getting out of bed in the morning.  This isn't new for me though.  I drink most of it in the morning and early afternoon and trail off in the evening so I don't have to get up and pee a ton overnight.  

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  • I don't keep strict track, but based on how often I refill my water bottle (20oz), I estimate that I usually hit about 100. As I mentioned in the symptoms thread, it's necessary to combat constipation. I pee hourly, at minimum...which is getting way more annoying now that I'm getting what I think might be sciatic pain down my left butt cheek. So hard to make it down the hallway to the restroom!
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  • I was drinking about a gallon a day (always been a big water drinker) but lately it's been giving me heartburn so it's been less than 100. I have been feeling like crap and I think I need to try to up my water intake.

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    Not enough. Only 40-60 oz per day and I feel like poop because of it. I'm working on getting up into the 100 oz range
  • Not enough!!!!  But then somehow I wake up every 2 hours to pee.
  • Not nearly enough! But I've started on my raspberry leaf tea!
  • I love water so I usually drink a lot anyways. I'd say on average at least 100oz.
  • Does it vary drastically for anyone else? Some days, I'm thirsty all the time and I can't get enough water. Other days, I forget to drink much of anything. I'd say I vary from 30 to 200oz on any given day. 
    Me too
  • I keep track on my Fitbit app. I had 64oz as my goal (but usually went above it), but after a bladder infection I upped my goals to 80oz/day based on advice from my OB. I have a 24oz Tervis cup I just keep refilling. I also force myself to chose water when I eat because I usually drink a ton while eating. Average is 90oz a day.
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