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Busy Boards

I've seen that a lot of us are wanting to make busy boards for birthday or Christmas presents. I thought it would be fun to share busy board ideas for inspiration. 
Our list so far is...
Light switch
Door nob with key
Led light
Chain lock 
Spring door stop

Re: Busy Boards

  • Here's 2 that we are trying to "mix and match" for our little ones

  • When we were in a science class with busy boards, most of the babies just wanted to suck on the one piece of rope. The wheels and lightbulbs also got some use. Pretty much everything else was ignored.
  • Here is the one my DH made. We are going to do the other side with things like buttons and zippers and shoelaces. 

  • I love this idea. I have a project for my husband now. @Cricket99 does it keep LO busy? 
  • My baby is terrified of door stops this would be his worst nightmare hahaha 
  • @Januarysbaby1 it does keep him pretty busy. He does have days where he doesn't play with it at all, but other days it's all he wants to play with.
  • Just made ours! I used zip ties for everything with holes and Velcro strips otherwise, so I can easily switch things up when he gets bored with these items. And the carabiner is for hanging random things from (he's in a whisk phase at the moment). 
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