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Nuvaring possibly failed?

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3 months ago I switched to Nuvaring from the pill. DH and I were going to wait until the spring to start ttc. 

My dr said I could leave my ring in for 4 weeks to avoid my period so technically I haven't had my period since October 9. I have exactly 1 week until I can either take it out for my period or leave it in to avoid it. 

I have been bloated and hungry all the time. Yesterday I was exhausted after shopping for 2 hours and napped when I woke up I was so nauseous. Smells made it worse.  I've been moody and gassy. Boobs heavy and hurt. I just feel like I've been emotional. Even hubby said I have been mean lol

I've read Nuvaring had a lawsuit for failing and I've seen tons of stories of how people got pregnant on it. 

Could it have failed for me. I know no one can tell me if I'm pregnant or not. I haven't tested but I don't know if I'd be 7 weeks or 3 weeks.

Re: Nuvaring possibly failed?

  • All you can do is take a pregnancy test
  • Obviously it is possible, but it is also unlikely. Changing hormonal birth control can often mimic pregnancy symptoms until your body adjusts. 
    That being said, as you're already aware, taking a HPT is your only sure fire way of knowing unless your period appears.
    I hope you get whatever answer you're looking for :)
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