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Babies and Christmas Trees??

sooo now that our kiddos are walking / cruising / and / or crawling around - what are your plans for keeping your Xmas tree intact? I was thinking of leaving the bottom foot or so bare except for lights, but I'm open to other ideas as well? G is so interested in everything, a glittery, sparkly tree will be like a magnet to him!! 

Re: Babies and Christmas Trees??

  • We just picked up our tree and was wondering the same thing! We haven't really brain stormed much as far how to protect the actual tree but I plan on using non breakable ornaments on the bottom and using the ribbon hangers instead of the metal hooks. I feel like it's going to be a constant battle! 
  • We just put up the tree this morning and at first she didn't stop with it. I figured I would just let her be and give her a couple of stern "no's" when she pulled on it or hit the tree and so far so good! She hasn't gone by the tree in a few hours. We'll see how long that actually lasts though lol
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  • We are getting a small tree to put on a table this year. We figure next year we can get a big one! 
  • Forgoing it altogether. We are at the stage where LO is pulling up on everything, and it just isn't worth it. Total bummer. 
  • We are planning to use the play pen gate to be around it. Then we can take it down to enjoy at night when the babe has went to bed. Lol
  • We have a 13 year old and I love Christmas so we are getting a full size real tree for sure. The fishing line is a good idea! My plan was basically to just put it up and hope for the best--maybe keep some of the more delicate ornaments off for this year only. Haha. 
  • @kodariah or anyone else, please, don't tie the Christmas tree to anything! My dad was a fireman for 30 years, and although nobody ever expects or plans for it to happen, if a Christmas tree catches fire, the heat goes up. If the tree is in any way attached to the ceiling, it gives the flames a free path up into your attic space, which makes it almost impossible to stop the fire. 

    Sorry for the speech, all... It's just that I've seen my dad literally wake up in tears from horrific nightmares of a fire 26 years ago. 

    As for our Christmas tree, last year with my son, we set it up on Christmas eve and protected it with a baby play pen. We also surpassed all fragile ornaments. We are going to try to set it up earlier this year, but now with 2 human hurricanes, I'm not sure that'll happen. 
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    My worries are on hold for now. LO is terrified of the tree as of right now. It's up but not decorated. We'll see if anything changes once the stuff goes on!

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  • We plan on boxing ours in. We're going to put it in a corner and block it off between the coffee table and couch.
  • We're planning on getting a smaller tree and putting it up on a table. Between 2 kids and a dog, it isn't really feasible to have a full sized tree as of yet. We also don't have anywhere to put a full sized tree, so a smaller 3 footer works for right now.
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  • @BarrettJ89 I didn't tie mine. It was just something suggested by a family friend, they had a tree fall and their LO and the branch went in to him arm.  thanks for the tip though, I wouldn't have thought of that being a issue. 
  • @kodariah I was hoping it didn't sound like I was accusing you of tying yours! But yeah, if a tree, real or fake, catches fire, it will weaken the ceiling where it is tied. The fire was horrific and I would never want something like that to happen to anyone. Although, a branch going through a child's arm is a terrifying thought too! Yikes!
  • @BarrettJ89 Oh no, I got it! It's way better to be safe when it comes to things like this! Our tree is fake and light weight with a heavy base so I didn't worry about it falling but I figured it was a good idea with a real tree that's heavier. I never thought of that happening so I'm glad you said something. =)   
    @Firsttimer16 Those are way cute ideas!! 
  • @Firsttimer16 I'm swooning over the white picket fence! Soooo much cuter than our chunky, grey, plastic baby pen...
  • Our almost 11 month old is a very strong willed girl but we still want her to experience all of christmas included the tree so we put up our full Christmas tree with ornaments she was non stop after the ornaments so i moved them all to the top half of the tree and she hasn't touched the tree since she just walks by it and occasionally maybe brushes the branches with her hands but doesn't really want to mess with the tree or lights or anything. I originally wanted the gate around it but first off they are expensive and secondly we now don't need it because she knows to just look which I feel is better to just teach her that not everything is ok to touch or play with.
  • We haven't gotten our tree yet, I'm very curious to see how he will react but I saw this on Facebook and thought it was a neat idea. Might not keep them off the tree but a fun activity for them 
  • @Knottie1433440300 my mom just brought one of these over for LO. For the moment she is actually afraid of it but likes playing with the ornaments and box...putting them in and dumping them out. 

    Once we do get the real tree I'm hoping we can teach her not to touch and use the felt one to redirect her attention. The 'presents' and the picket fence are neat ideas though. 
  • So far my daughter has been ok with the tree! She plays with the odd ornament or lights but once I say no and push her hand away she goes and plays somewhere else. I put a few plastic balls under the tree and she just plays with those usually. 

  • I went ahead and put up the tree... I didn't use any of my breakable ornaments and used a lot more flowers and ribbons instead of ornaments. So far, so good! Crossing fingers he stays away from it!! 
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