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HDBD 11/23 (it disappeared?)

Did anyone else see that? I created the thread yesterday and I thought there were a couple replies, but now it's gone!
Here's Brynlee's opinion of her current diet (formula and bananas)

Brynlee was back to playing in the leaves! She's fascinated by the yellow ones :)


Re: HDBD 11/23 (it disappeared?)

  • Violet is such a happy girl! She loves Meghan Trainor and Mommy's cranberry sauce!
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  • There was a community wide technical issue that deleted everything from Wednesday.
  • Turkey coma at its finest. 
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    Loves reaching for mama's necklaces

    ETA just realized I am signed in under wrong name on new app! Whoops!
  • ^^^ OK, I think I'm in the right account now! 
  • There was a community wide technical issue that deleted everything from Wednesday.
    Ahhhh, well I  suppose that explains it! 
  • Haven't checked in for awhile.  George 10 months 3 weeks



    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker 

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker


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    @Knottie1433440300 that shirt! I love it! 

    *edit because it cut me off. Bump dislikes my emoji...
  • freya at 10 months, hanging out with the cat
  • We had one last warm day last week so I took Charlie to the zoo
  • @charliesmommy6 I know that zoo! The new penguinarium is incredible. Are you local?!
  • @BarrettJ89 Yes! We live in Birmingham but I work in downtown Royal Oak. We had a season pass to the zoo this year and love it, especially the new penguins! Are you guys around here too?
  • @charliesmommy6 We are! I'll send you a private message :)
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