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  • Good morning!

    Dislocated my shoulder while at a playdate for DD yesterday afternoon. Fell down some stairs, fortunately on my butt. But the primary impact was on my left hand.

    So off to the ER. Doctor and nurse had more or less the following conversation:

    "So we do...."
    "she's pregnant"
    "so how about approach"
    "She's pregnant"
    "Well then an x-ray"
    "She's pregnant"

    They finally agreed on acetaminophen IV and an US of my shoulder instead of an X-ray. Got the shoulder back in place and am now wearing straps immobilizing it.

    Getting on a bra this morning was not possible.

    So, SO happy my parents were here this weekend.

    Anyway, it can only go up from here, right?
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe Oh no! Sorry to hear about the fall but glad it wasn't worse! Hoping your shoulder is better soon.
  • @grapeskittles4lyfe ouch, so sorry you hurt yourself. Wishing you a quick recovery and as PP said, thankfully the fall wasn't a worst one! 
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe what a sour way to start off your week! Hopefully you'll recover quickly and can do all the shoulder/arm things soon!
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  • Oh no @grapeskittles4lyfe!! I'm so glad you're okay but OUCH!
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe ah! That's so scary and I'm glad you're okay. Hope the shoulder isn't hurting too bad! 
  • Thanks ladies! Feeling surprisingly spry this morning. Thought I would be more in pain.
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe you have the best attitude ever.
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe oh no! What a sucky way to start your week. Glad you're not feeling too bad today. 
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe oh no! Fingers crossed you havnt done any damage & the lack of pain now continues! Xxx
  • @grapeskittles4lyfe I'm glad you're not in too much pain today! I hope you recover quickly.

    @Starfish113 Your Dd's room looks GREAT! How are the contractions today? Did rest help?
  • @grapeskittles4lyfe I don't know how you're doing it without stronger drugs! I did that in college (drunken fall) and it was terrible! 

    @Starfish113 super cute room,  she has to love it!
  • @Starfish113 my DD would move into that room in a heartbeat.
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe I'm so sorry about your shoulder! Sending you get well soon wishes!

    @Starfish113 your DD's room is so adorable!

    My random is that I'm soooo ready for Thanksgiving break! Just have to get through today and tomorrow, then I'm off for a whole week! Bring on all the foods!
  • I'm usually just about done Christmas shopping by now but this year I haven't even started. I kind of really just want to tell everyone I'm too grumpy and tired to buy anyone gifts but I don't think that will fly with the kids. 

  • @grapeskittles4lyfe so sorry about the shoulder!  but so glad you are feeling pretty good!

    @Starfish113 the room is super cute

  • Thanks guys!!! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! It's the room above the garage so she has no closets, which is a pain. But we now need FIVE bedrooms with four kids so we have to make do. I don't think she'll ever care too much hopefully :)
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  • @Partyof6? I'm a sucker for Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies!  

    I discovered the UP channel when I saw there was a Gilmore Girls marathon on and there were commercials for a movie called A Puppy for Christmas.  Puppies and Christmas?  Sign me up!
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe I'm so sorry you hurt your shoulder! I'm glad you are otherwise OK though. As mentioned by PP, bras are totally overrated anyway :)

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  • @NiceyMeany I haven't told a lot of people that I'm going to try for a natural birth because I don't want to deal with comments.  It seems like a lot of friends just automatically got once (which is fine for them) and think others do the same.  If I do get questioned I plan to just say that I'm open to an epidural (which I am) but want to try without one first.
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe ouch!!! Worst play date ever! I hope you recover quickly.

    As for no bra though, oh dear! Normal me could handle it, but not bigger pregnant me. Without a bra there's this awful thing i call underboob, where they sort of drape on my (very high) bump. Not a good look for me! I don't like it! 
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  • @NiceyMeany personally i havnt experienced this but i would be inclined to agree to peoples face then do my own thing with it for an easier life. Its not as if any random "advice givers" will be there with you at the time to be annoying you. No need to stress yourself arguing it with people when its none of their business.
  • Saturday our dog had a play date with my fiancé's co-worker and his dog since they are about the same age/energy level. At one point we had switched dogs and we had theirs playing fetch and he had ours playing tag or something. Before we could stop him, he let our dog drink from a veryyyyyy questionable puddle. Not happy. Ever since then she has been constantly pooing very liquidy poos. And she has asked to go out 2 times in the middle of the night for the past 2 nights because of it which she never does. I feel bad for her and I'm extra tired :(.
  • @grapeskittles4lyfe That does not sound very fun :( I hope you heal quickly!

    @Starfish113 That room is so awesome and cute!!!

    @NiceyMeany I haven't told many people that I want to go med free because of that right there! It came up in conversation with my boss and a friend who had her second a month ago. My boss basically said I probably wouldn't make it because his wife is small like me and she didn't make it to the hospital in time with the first and wanted meds with the rest because she didn't like it. (he didn't use those exact words of course) I talked to my friend because she had GD with both and was induced with #1 but #2 came on his own. I want to go med free but with GD I'm worried about having to be induced.

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  • @FreshBakedBrownies and @Patience7150 my mom keeps trying to talk me out of cloth diapering also. Its so obnoxious. I'm not planning on telling anyone that I want to try to go med-free either because everyone has an opinion and I just don't want to hear it.
    I haven't told my mom yet that we're going to CD. :#
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