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How long to wait after sickness to re-sleep train?

Hey mommas, it's been a rough month for us since I went back to work and LO started daycare. He got a cold the first week, by week two we were in the ER with RVS, week three both he and I had the stomach flu, and this week he is starting to feel better BUT now he has two molars coming in! Needless to say his sleep has been pretty bad. I have been in his room with him every night since he's still nursing and he had needed the comfort, but now that he's not up coughing or sniffling I think he may be well enough to get back on track with sleep. It's so hard to tell though. Do you guys try to retrain when they start feeling better or do you wait until they start sleeping longer by themselves at this point? 

Re: How long to wait after sickness to re-sleep train?

  • I felt I had to wait till my LO was totally better before retraining - each time I did it went so smooth, she retrained immediately and I felt comfortable that she was totally ready physically. It sucked bc I waited weeks and weeks sometimes, between sickness, vaccines and teething it felt like her sleep was disrupted forever. I just wanted to make sure i wasn't trying to retrain when she truly needed me or felt crummy. I knew I waited the correct time since she was immediately retrained within one night. It's hard momma, good luck!
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