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Irish twins

Hi everyone! I just left my July 2016 board and joined this one because I am expecting AGAIN. I had my son 7/12/16 and recently found out we will have Irish twins! 
Does anyone have Irish twins at home? I EBF my son now and am worried about my supply going down. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm going to start building my freezer stash now just in case but I'm really worried. Obviously this pregnancy was a complete shock, but a total blessing ❤️

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    Welcome! FTM here but my mom and her sister are Irish twins (364 days apart) and loved growing up together and are super close today. They are regularly mistaken for being actual twins.

    Feel free to introduce yourself on the intro board and join in our other conversations!
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    Irish twins here but my OB told me to stop breastfeeding when I got pregnant. She said the nutrients go to the pregnancy, then to breastmilk and finally to me. But I had preeclampsia and very bad hemorrhaging with my first. 

    I don't want to sway your opinion - that is between you and your doctor - I am just giving you my experience. My one year old is a boy and is just as big as his two year old sister so we get the question or assumption that they are twins. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is listening to them wake up together and talking/laughing before they get up for the day. Then all bets are off. 
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