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Symptoms - Week of 11/14


Re: Symptoms - Week of 11/14

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    Hdhtk4 said:
    Also, the bloat is insane. I have 2 friends having LuLaRoe parties this week so I think I'm going to stock up on their leggings and flowy clothes since I can barely fit into my normal clothes at the moment!
    I love my LulaRoe's!!!!! I'm considering hosting a party soon so I can stock up. I have a friend who wore all LLR clothes through her whole pg and she looked so cute all the dang time!
    @Hdhtk4 and @mama2stepmama

    *Hoping this isn't inappropriate, not trying to solicit but saw this post and thought I'd just put it out there...

    I'm a LuLaRoe Consultant. If any of you would like to host a party to earn free clothes, we can do it online for those of you who aren't local to SoCal. I'm happy to put one together :smile: LuLaRoe clothes are the best maternity wear. PM me and I'll get you in my VIP group or send you a link to my STR shop.
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    I am 5 weeks and 4 days, the past day and this morning my lower tummy is kinda sore to the touch. It doesn't hurt, just tender when you touch it. I've also has a tender head when brushing my hair or pulling it up into a pony. I'm hoping it's just my hormones all around, but is the tender tummy normal for this stage? I've had mild cramps for a few weeks. 
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    @Sassenach1743, I love your screen name.  I read all the Scottish/highland romance novels like it's my job.
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    @cait32 ugh my husband is the same way! He thinks the only miserable part is towards the end when I'll be huge so whenever I complain he's like "sheesh you're not even *really* pregnant yet. What are you gonna be like later?!" And then I shoot daggers at him with my eyes lol
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    I have a very dumb morning sickness question. What do you do if you have to puke in the car? I live in LA and my worst fear is that I'm suddenly going to have to vomit on a part of the freeway where it's hard to pull over.
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    @leilac, I hurled on the side of the 405 during my last pregnancy- you gotta do what you gotta do. 
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    @leilac I put gallon ziplocks inside paper lunch bags. That way I don't have to look at it but afterward I can seal it shut until I get to a place I can throw it away. I keep these in my purse and car. 
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    @leilac - my cousin had terrible morning sickness on the subway in DC and carried plastic shopping bags
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    I've never felt this bad this early - I'm only 6 weeks ish.  But I am congested, grumpy, irritatable, boobs are sore, starving, round lig pain already (4th time around but really???), heartburn.  I used to think people who had symptoms this early were imagining it but damn, progesterone can do some crazy things.
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    Y'all. Stabbing, randomly crying out boob pain. I wore a sports bra to church today. I found that helped. 

    Temperature fluxuating. Freezing, then sweating.

    Round ligament pain (sometimes intense).

    I'm not super nauseous yet. But I'm digging OJ in the morning and hot wings sound pretty delicious all the time. 
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