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Anyone else pass their due date?

My due date was Nov. 7, so now 2 days late. I got it in my head that she would come on time & so I'm losing my mind a bit! Especially since I know I could potentially still have another 5-8 days to go.....what is anyone else doing to pass the past-due-date time??

I've already cleaned the house, prepped freezer meals, watched probably 1,000 hours of Netflix....

Re: Anyone else pass their due date?

  • Yes! I was due November 7th as well and I never anticipated how painful the waiting would be at the end. I've been working still...because why not at this point. I tried taking a day off and it went by so slowly because I too have cleaned the house, prepped freezer meals, packed and repacked my bag 4 times, etc.. I don't have any other ideas but I can sympathize with you!  

    I went to the the doctor today though and my baby boy is measuring big (8lb 15oz) with a big head that they don't believe will fit in my pelvis. He has not descended AT ALL and since he is post due and large they don't think he will fit. They are recommending a c section as the safest option for delivery and after much debate I think we are headed that route. While stressed because this wasn't the option I had imagined, it does feel good to have an end date in site. It will either be Friday or Monday. 

    I wish you the best of luck and that time goes quickly for you!!!
  • Yep! I was due November 5th and that's when I'd scheduled my maternity leave to start so now I've just been hanging out at home, eating pineapple and waiting for things to get going! 

    I don't really mind the waiting, if she's not ready then she's not ready. The 7 texts I get per day asking "where is she?" "Why isn't she here yet?!" are eventually going to drive me mad though...  :#

    Fingers crossed all of our little ones are here soon!!
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  • This thread already exists:

    Consider commiserating with everybody else hanging out there instead.
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    @SandNStarsNJ -Didn't see the thread, thanks for the heads up! 
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