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Baby Slapping / Scratching Mom (not dad)

So this past week, my baby boy (~9.5mo) has been slapping me in the face or scratching at my face or pulling my hair. He doesn't really do it to anyone else, not even my husband. It's kind of hurting my feelings, but I know he probably doesn't know what he's doing. Anyone else experiencing that? What should I do about it? I've tried saying "no" firmly, but he just does it again. Also, it's unpredictable bc sometimes he will kiss me but other times he will slap / scratch me. 

Re: Baby Slapping / Scratching Mom (not dad)

  • My LO does these things sometimes and I figure she's just exploring the world. She hits me, but she also hits the floor. She pulls my hair, but she also pulls the cat's tail. I just try not to react (because that could also be a reason for acting out) and then redirect her attention elsewhere.
  • Mine does this too. When he hurts me I take his hand so he can't do it again, and firmly say no. If he does it again, I put him down. When he's done having a fit about being put down, I pick him back up and cuddle him, give him kisses and tons of affection to show him the better ways of touching. He will do it again tomorrow, but that's it for the day. Eventually he will learn and he will stop.
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  • I do exactly what @ariasbabyblog does. My LO has a particular fascination with slapping my glasses off my face. He thinks it's a game, so I take his hand, say, "ouch! No! That hurts mommy" and put him down to have a little fit. I really try to emphasize gently touches by taking his hand and showing him how to be gentle.
  • If your baby tends to be more aggressive toward you it may mean they feel more secure with you. They experiment with things like hitting with the people they trust most and feel the most love from. They know that you will still love them. Both my girls have done this with me and I take it as a compliment. I still tell them "no" and show examples of nice touch, and neither of them were ever aggressive to outsiders.
  • I agree with many of the previous posts. LO does this sometimes with me. Babies do these things with those they love most and know who love them back. Don't give much of a reaction, teach how to be gentle, and give lots of praise for the gentle touch. My LO has been doing a lot more gentle touch and less hitting/pulling/scratching lately.
  • Mine likes to hit me or grab at me while he's nursing.  I usually just hold his hand when he starts and tell him no.  
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