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Going Back To Work

Hi Moms!!!  My name's Lili and I'm completely new to this. My DD is 5 months old and I'm officiallly heading back to work this coming Monday.  I'm nervous, scared and just hoping that I won't break down on my drive there. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally and physically (by trying to get used to my old routine again). I've also set up a lunch outing with my coworkers the day I'm back so I can have something to look forward to on my first day back (while trying not to constantly think about my baby). I figured I'll need the break and having lunch outside of the building would be best. Anyone have any other suggestions/advise/wise words on how they dealt with their first day back to work. I'd love to hear them.  Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Re: Going Back To Work

  • Hi there--just chiming in to say how your first week back went okay! I went back to work after three months and that was rough; I made my SO take DD to daycare so I wouldn't be a complete mess. It was hard, but the routine and change of pace was great, and it makes me appreciate my evenings and weekends with DD even more! Good luck!
  • I had my SO send me pics of her so I could still see her through the day :) I still missed the heck out of her but it made me smile when I saw her cute face!
  • Hi!!!  My first week back to work actually didn't go as bad as I'd anticipated. I only cried once as I was heading out in the morning.  I have to say, I did enjoy my lunch hour. I think it was the first time in a long time that I actually sat down and enjoyed eating my lunch without having to rush.  And I definitely enjoy coming home to her and seeing her smile. 
  • Hi!!! I also had my SO send me pictures and videos of her throughout the day. That really helped. I do love coming home to her and seeing her get all excited, that's my favorite part of my day I think. Thank you ladies for chiming in. It feels good to hear from other moms.  
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