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Most of us have our little ones at our sides now, milestones are approaching, and the questions will begin to flow like a fountain- Ask them here!

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  • Why won't my baby sleep at all from 11 pm to 1:30 am?!?!? Will a bath routine before bed really help? I don't want to dry his skin out but this cycle is driving me crazy and leaving me exhausted. 
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  • How much stimulation does he get in the hours leading up to bedtime? Try to keep him fairly active between 8 and 9, wind down at 10, then he should "sleep like a baby" from 11 on, given he has a full belly, clean bottim, and isn't gassy or anything.
  • @AllyTheKid Yes that's the problem is that he goes into this deep sleep around 6:30 and refuses to wake up until 9:30 or so. I'm usually so tired by 6:30 I don't mind the nap, but we tried waking him up earlier last night and he was just not having it. We will keep trying I guess! 

    PS - Oh the gas sucks. Hiccups have ruined more than one good sleep! 
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  • @ibabyloveb87 We started a bedtime routine a couple weeks back. Dr said to start getting him on a feeding/napping schedule.
    We started once his umbilical cord fell off. I don't let him take his last nap of the day go past 7pm. I wake him up if need be. Sometimes he wakes up before and I just have to try to keep him up as long as I can. At 7, we start our bedtime routine. I feed him once he wakes up, then start getting him ready for a bath. I bathe him and put him in his pajamas. Then try to play/talk with him. I tried going to his room afterwards and reading him a book with DS but he hates it. So we cut that out. I try to get him to hold off until 8. Once it's 8, I turn off the lights, feed him a bit again and rock him to sleep. 8p.m. is bedtime for everyone at the house. He'll then wake up every 2 1/2 to 3 hours to eat. I keep my fingers crossed that he sleeps until 7a.m. because that's when everyone wakes up in the house. He goes back down for a nap by 8a.m. once the other kids leave. I've been trying to put him on a schedule and he does OK most of the time. He's  going to be starting daycare in december and want his schedule  aligned with  the napping schedule at daycare.
    I will say that there were 2 times that I didn't wake him up at 7 and didn't give him a bath, and those 2 nights were pretty terrible.

  • Does anyone else's baby cry when you put them down? They say you can't spoil a newborn, but I'm not convinced. Robert is so used to being held that he fusses if you lay him down. However, he likes his swing and bouncy seat. 
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    We are two weeks and on no where near a schedule... except eating at least every 3 hours. He is starting to wake more but spends most of the day/night sleeping. I am seeing a pattern of him being more awake at 8am and then again in the evening. He's full term next week so we shall see what happens once he's there! 

    But we all do go to bed when DS1 goes to bed which should be 730 but is usually always a little past 8. 

  • Does anyone else's baby cry when you put them down? They say you can't spoil a newborn, but I'm not convinced. Robert is so used to being held that he fusses if you lay him down. However, he likes his swing and bouncy seat. 
    @ashleygemini24 my first didn't like any swings or bouncy seats for more than 5-10 minutes and wanted to be held 24/7. While it made it hard to anything- i don't think you can spoil a baby by holding them.

    our new baby is more content and he will be put down but not flat on his back. I'm thinking we have to transition out of the pack and play at night and into the consleeper but i suck at swaddling and don't want to deal with getting even less sleep then i already do. While he has surpassed his birth weight we need to wake him by every 3 hours to eat at night. Pedi said 2 hours but f that! He's over his birth weight now- i can't do 2 hours and pump at night! 
  • @AshleyGemini24 I feel like Elias cries all the time. We only get a good 10 to 15 minutes of happy baby once he wakes up and is fed. Then he's back to crying and being cranky. Even when  he's being held, he'll cry. He also hates everything we bought. I just hold him though, if he gets used to being held, so be it. I just feel so terrible when he's crying. 

    How much time does everyone spend putting them to sleep? I feel like I spend forever rocking him to sleep during the day. Sometimes it takes an hour for him to finally pass out when he is clearly tired. 

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    @vanessa11411 try putting him down a little earlier. He might just be a little over stimulated so it's harder to get him down. Not sure how old your LO is or how long he is typically staying awake for but I would try to get him back to sleep after an hour of being awake- if not a little earlier.
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    @AshleyGemini24 we have the same situation. Ellen will eat, be content for maybe 15 minutes, and then start crying again if she's not being held (or being held in the right way). We've been wearing her in the moby most of the time and bouncing on the workout ball. We're following the Happiest Baby on the Block to calm her down and it's been so helpful because we don't know wtf we're doing or what is normal. 
  • @depineta what is Happiest Baby On The Block? 
  • @AshleyGemini24 my baby was like that when wwe first brought her home. I was surprised because when she was in the NICU she was only held during specific times. they had her on a schedule there with being held with feedings every three hours and made me put her down between feedings. we've had her home directory almost a month and I feel like the last week she's been getting so much better about sleeping in the bassinet and being put down more during the day. When she would get upset after being put a the bassinet or rock and sleep, I'd wait a few seconds before picking her up and talk to her first and put a hand on her chest. at first she could care less and would scream but now she will calm a little bit and stay where she is longer. i hope this helps!
  • @AshleyGemini24 it's a book written by a pediatrician. The premise is that babies are born a trimester before they're ready, so a good way to calm them is to remind them of the womb (tight swaddling, white noise, gentle swinging). I thought it was silly until it was the only thing that worked! It came highly recommended from multiple friends. 
  • @vanessa11411 I agree, try putting him down sooner. My DD is 6 weeks, but if she's up longer than 45 minutes between naps it takes FOREVER to get her to sleep. She's definitely more alert now than she was, but she still can't tolerate being awake long. 

    Remember ladies, sleep begets sleep! The better your baby sleeps during the day, the better they will sleep at night! I didn't believe it with my first and she slept horrendously for the first year of her life. (And about three years after that! ha)

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  • I'll have to check into that book
  • Trimmed baby's nils for the first time and it went very well! I'm so proud of me and baby!
  • Nice @kennelchick!! I'm going to need to do my baby's soon, not looking forward to it haha
  • @AshleyGemini24 there's also a DVD! Like 30m long I think. We got ours off Amazon, you might be able to find it even on YouTube;) 
  • Is anybody getting their LO to smile real smiles yet? I am SO ready for real smiles!
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    @AllyTheKid Grayson just started. He smiles at his daddy a lot :)
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  • @LGW2015 Yay! We're almost there, I can tell by his eyes and eyebrows when he's happy and excited, just working on that little smile  <3
  • Can't wait for smiles, my LO is only about  3 weeks, so have a ways to go still I'm sure. She's making more little sounds though each day so that's cute at least.
  • OMG @ibabyloveb87, that is totally the first stage of new baby smiles, love it!!!  <3 I just want to snuggle him!
  • @LGW2015 I'm dying, love him!  <3
  • Congested babies: What works for you? Saline drops and his aspirator are our weapons of choice, but he still sounds so stopped up after I try to clean him out =/ I feel so terrible for him and it makes it so hard for him to fall asleep.
  • Where do you get saline drops?

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  • @MRSCORKER Just about anywhere really, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS... probably any local pharmacy as well. I bought the Lil' Remedies kind. They work okay, I think they'd work better if he wasn't SO stuffy.
  • @AllyTheKid have you tried the nose Frieda? I hear that works really well at getting the mucus out. 
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  • Anyone's little one experiencing discharge from one eye? I'm thinking it's normal and am cleaning it up with a warm washcloth but I'm not sure if it needs to be checked out. Of course it started the day after her first doctor's appointment. 

  • @jek2016 my LO is having the eye discharge thing. I called the office and they said it was fairly normal... Just keep cleaning it out with a damp cloth. 
  • @jek2016 yeah Grayson had that in the hospital and then another time once we were home. Dr said it was normal.
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  • @jek2016 my doctor said it's likely blocked tear ducts because they're still so small, and can last up to a year. Just gently wipe with a warm washcloth on your fingertip. 
  • Hi everyone! 

    I have been lurking via mobile bump but mobile bumping is no fun, so here I am on a real live computer! 

    Question for you mamas! LO is such a bad napper during the day. He gets so fussy and cries and cries and then he falls asleep.  He will fall asleep while BF sometimes but then transplanting him to bassinet or swing is impossible without waking him up. Any advice on getting him to go down for naps easier?
  • I do what you're not supposed to and let her sleep on her stomach. Mine is an individual choice- my lo has been able to pick her head up since day 1 (she had amazing neck control although I'm still very paranoid people will give her too much credit). I also think that I have never been comfortable sleeping on my back so why would I force her to?

    anyway! My lo isn't a great sleeper but she will definitely sleep longer on her tummy. 
  • @allythekid the nose frida is a huge win for congestion. Like huge!

    @jek2016 it sounds like a clogged duct. DS1 had clogged ducts in both eyes and it lasted on and off for a while. I wanna say 6 months. Wipe eyes with a warm wash cloth away from the cornea. Also YouTube the clogged duct massage you can do a few times a day. If his eye whites turn red or the puss becomes aggressive or is green make a trip to the pedi- it can get easily infected. I've also sqirted a little breast milk in the corner of his eyes. Supposed to help fight off infection. 

    our new LO is looking to have clogged ducts as well. 
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