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  • +1 for the one-eye discharge... thanks for these posts, makes me feel a little better:) 
  • Thanks for the reassurance y'all! Called the doc and that's what they suspect too. The warm washcloth is working well!

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  • Formula or supplement moms: do you use the powder formula or the pre-made liquid?!? With both kids now I've used the pre made stuff for the first few weeks and this time we were actually told by our peds that it was recommended to use it for newborns for the first three months. Just curious if this was something that was shared across the board or just implementing around here. LO is a month old today and the cost of the premade is starting to get up there so I'm thinking I'm going to have to switch soon to the powder. 
  • @christinab0722 we had to supplement in the hospital for jaundice and they gave us the pre made. We used that til it was gone, then the ped gave us a sample of powder at our first appt, and we've been using that since. 
  • @christinab0722 we use the powder. She was on the pre-made stuff in the hospital, but yea cost wise it was going to be too much to continue. My ped. hasn't mentioned anything about needing to use pre-made vs. powder.
  • I use the powder. I finished the pre-made bottles that the hospital gave me and then switched to the powder version of that formula. No one has mentioned not using the powder to me and she's taken to it very well. 

  • Like others, we used the pre-made stuff that they gave us in the hospital and then we switched to powder.
  • We went straight to powder, it made it him spit up the first few times, but he doesn't anymore.
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