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Newly pregnant, it's been a while

Posted 1 hr ago
Hi ladies first let me say I haven't been on in a while, life has been crazy!. This would be my first child, I am in complete shock to find out that I am pregnant! Me and my husband were pregnant last year but had a misscarriage so we decided to take a break because it was so hard for us. Well my ob told me that I wasn't ovulating properly and I would need clomid to get pregnant, I agreed that when we were ready to try again we would. Well we weren't even trying this time and I got pregnant without clomid. My worry comes in because I previously had a misscarriage and last year my progesterone was like non existent. I had once again so brown discharge a few days ago and decided to test and it came out positive! I had my level drawn yesterday and my hcg was 243.2 and my progesterone was 13.2. Does anyone know if these numbers are good? I'm going crazy waiting to hear from my doctor so I would love some info from you ladies! When I had my miscarriage my hcg was 11. I want this baby and would be devastated if god forbid I had to experience that again. Thank you everyone in advance!
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