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Spooky Symptoms Thread-10/31/16

What's haunting you this week?


Re: Spooky Symptoms Thread-10/31/16

  • Something feels off today, and I don't know if I'm just sounding like a newb and not remembering. I woke up with my lower back really hurting, but I feel really crampy too. I was on my feet all day yesterday cleaning and stuff, so I'm wondering if I'm just dehydrated?? I almost called in sick because I'm a teacher and I'm not sure about standing all day... but I'm here so I think I'm just gonna drink a ton of water and see how I do. Anyone else get this feeling and it's normal?
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  • I've had similar feelings after days when I push myself too hard @Starfish113. Still, can't hurt to call the doc if lots of water doesn't help. Hope you feel better!

  • I've had similar feelings after days when I push myself too hard @Starfish113. Still, can't hurt to call the doc if lots of water doesn't help. Hope you feel better!
    Thanks :) I have prep at 11:00, so I think I'll call if I'm still feeling that way then! I feel so dumb, like I should remember this happening or something!!!
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  • I'm feeling kind of cruddy today. I didn't think I did too much yesterday, but it's so hard to tell now! I'm tired as usual, but I'm having weird crampy spots on my upper belly. Last night I actually got a stitch in the side walking from the restaurant to the car, twice. 

    Hopefully today goes by quickly!
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  • @Starfish113 that's how I get if I overdo it! Lots of water! 

    Im just freaking tired. The toddler has an ear infection and hasn't slept well in 3 days. :( poor kid
    this the first time she's really been able to verbalize her discomfort and it's just so sad. My moms with her this morning and DH will be home at 11 for her. Hopefully she gets some more sleep.
  • @concreteangell This may be a dumb question but FTM here...at what point should we be regularly monitoring their movement? I just started to feel her within the last week, so movement in general is still new for me
  • @Starfish113 that's how I get if I overdo it! Lots of water! 

    Yeah that's probably it and I just don't remember this feeling this early last time! For some reason cramps always freak me out.
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  • Varicose veins are driving me crazy! I already had them pre-pregnancy but these new ones are painful to the touch. Almost like a bruise and not the veins. I showed my dh and his response was  'eww that's gross'- thanks dh.
  • @lfrank12 according to google: Typically you start monitoring fetal movements during the third trimester, or at 28 weeks. Your doctor may recommend that you begin at 24-26 weeks if you have a high-risk pregnancy. Most healthy babies should take less than 2 hours for 10 kicks.

    I'm not quite 24 weeks and my baby's movement is definitely still pretty variable. If I'm just sitting and realize I haven't felt him move in a while I poke him a bit and usually he'll give me a kick or two. I imagine he's saying "Stop it mom, I was sleeping" then I laugh and let it go. He's most active at night time so as long as I feel kicks when I go to bed at night I can make myself relax and accept he was just being sleepy during the day.
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  • @lfrank12 I've also heard to start them around 27-28 weeks. I honestly started them last week at 25 weeks because I wanted to get into a habit of it and understand what is normal for him with some test runs before the official ones start. I've been doing them at around 7 or 8 pm at night, just after dinner, and will usually have a tall glass of water with me as well. I recline back on our couch and start feeling for kicks, rolls, wiggles, and jabs. If he doesn't move much, I tend to poke him or take a large gulp of water because I'm impatient... haha 
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  • @PerraSucia LOL!! 

    I get out of breath so quickly recently. Carrying DD a few feet, getting her into and out of the car seat, climbing a few stairs, ect. I feel so out of shape which makes me feel bummed. I was excercising a few times a week but have been so tired lately I slacked off a lot, maybe picking it back up will help. 
  • Tired and getting out of breath after going up and down stairs. I feel my second trimester energy spike dwindling....
  • I spent 6 hours in the car with my kiddos on Saturday and I'm still paying for it. My body aches so bad, especially my joints where my legs connect to my body. 
  • So I don't know if this is pregnancy related but I don't know what else to chalk it up as. One day in early high school my jaw locked for like an hour and it has clicked ever since only on the right side. It's never painful, I can just hear a click when I chew something hard or gummy. Well for the last 4 days or so it is SOOO painful. I cant even open my mouth to fit a fork full of food in and then it hurts to chew. It's starting to radiate up the side of my head. Thoughts? Should I call the OB.... but what would they do? Just refer me to my PCP... or my dentist? Haha.

  • @jlellis603 I would call your Dentist. Have you had an appt or cleaning at all during pregnancy? Here is what the ever-so-reliable Dr. Google says about potential jaw pain during pregnancy.

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  • @jlellis603 I have jaw locking/TMJ issues. The dentist believes most can be attributed to grinding my teeth at night. I haven't had issues for months but recently have been waking up with my jaw locked! I think it has to do with exclusively side sleeping and putting pressure on my jaw. I would call your dentist if you are worried or if your jaw does not unlock!
  • Crazy emotions have finally kicked in, there has been a lot of crying lately. 

    Little guys kicks are getting stronger, and it still seems surprising when it happens.  

    I overdid it with walking and have been waddling and having abdominal pulling and tugging.  
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  • @jlellis603 *Disclaimer - I'm not an expert* (And someone can totally correct me if I'm wrong!) But it almost sounds like a TMJ (the area where cheek bone and jaw bone meet) type issue.

    My mom has TMJ and I've also had the locking and popping/clicking ever since I can remember. A quick Google search shows that normal pregnancy swelling can sometimes put extra pressure on the jaw, which can cause pain/discomfort.

    If it were me, I would probably check with my OB first, then a referral to the dentist would probably be the next step? I hope your pain goes away very soon, I know how awful it can be! 
  • Thanks for the info on fetal movement - I was also wondering as I've only in the last week or so been actually feeling movement.
    I am so short of breath climbing stairs lately - and lucky me our house is on a hill with lots of steps to our front door!!
  • SUCH EMOTIONAL. I had a meltdown in a cab last night after a rehearsal, and have felt on the verge of tears all day. And baby growth has been causing crazy stretchy pain. The belly support band helps immensely, as does a shower and a nap. I plan to spend the next three months doing nothing but showering and napping. 
    @PerraSucia EW/lol/EWWW

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  • I started lactating. I was waiting for the bathroom to get all steamy so I could shower and was sitting on my bed and I kept feeling something wet dripping on my stomach. I thought my nose was bleeding at first and then I thought something was leaking from the ceiling. I did not have this with my other pregnancies. 

  • @jlellis603, my wisdom teeth hurt me soooo bad my last pregnancy. My dentist told me a lot of those things act up during pregnancy, and then go away again. I didn't get them out since 6 years ago so I can see this happening to me again! So, it's probably normal but it wouldn't hurt to call if you're worried!
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  • Thanks so much everyone! Luckily my jaw isn't actually locked currently, I'm just hindered from opening it. I think I will call my OB in hopes that they will say "it sounds like normal pregnancy swelling weirdness, but call the dentist if you're worried" and then give it a week. The extra pain in the ass right now is that my insurance switches today since I turned 26 last week and it has been a messy switch and I haven't gotten coverage cards or anything yet. Sooo I think I'll have to wait regardless UGH
  • I itch, I itch, I itch some more. No rash, just an all-over itch. 

    Doctor's office says "Oh, it's too early to be cholestasis. Let's test you anyway." Benadryl helps knock me out at night. Sarna cream helps if I slather it on generously through the day, and I mix it up with aloe+lidocaine gel when that isn't enough. 

    The itch varies from barely there to bordering on painful, with no real rhyme or reason. I can't tell if my sudden lack of appetite and incredibly slow digestion are connected. 

  • @jlellis603 I second it sounding like TMJ. I used to have the same issues in high school and actually had physical therapy for it. It helped tremendously and I rarely have issues any more. A dentist would be able to diagnose it pretty quickly for you.
  • My fingers got all swollen today and look like sausages. I was really hoping to sidestep that particular pregnancy symptom. 

    @jlellis603 I've had awful bouts with TMJ and resting the jaw by avoiding chewy foods can really help. Side sleeping also aggravates it, as does clenching the jaw. I'd maybe try icing your cheek by your ear a bit and see if that helps
  • @momousekee I've been itching a lot, too. Mainly on my feet and hands. I took the blood test this weekend and am waiting for the results.  

    I've been real grouchy the past few days and I'm not usually like this,  not even when I have my period.  I can't tell if it's due to hormones from the pregnancy or if I'm just very stressed out.  Probably both.  

  • @jlellis603 I have TMJ and that's exactly what my symptoms are. Especially the cracking you explained. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot to do, but it sounds like that's what it is to me 
  • @cantalopes24 I've been having that too. Mine started as just bits of dried colostrum around 17 weeks but has progressed to full on leaking now at 27 weeks. Pads have been very useful!
  • I'm 24 weeks and a FTM. I feel like such an idiot because I don't know if what I'm feeling is the baby moving inside me. I know he moves a lot because I've seen him during the u/s. I have literally watched him kick me and not feel it. What does it actually feel like?
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  • I have an achy belly too....and my legs sometimes itch terribly for no reason. I do have sensitive skin so I think the season change is to blame but sometimes I wake up wanting to rip the skin off my legs. 
  • Holy eff-ing Charlie horses. I had two in the same exact spot last night, back to back. As soon as the one ended and I was trying to get up to stretch, it rolled into another set of spasms. I'm chugging water and considering getting a calcium supplement based on Dr Googles recommendation. My prenatal doesn't have any calcium, not sure if that's weird or typical. 

    @winchestergirl - I always attribute those types of pains to my body adjusting to carrying out front and making room!

    @imalwaysme79 - when I first started feeling it, it felt like air bubbles in my super low belly. Or butterflies. HTH!

  • @imalwaysme79 Everyone told me flutters or bubbles, but when I feel LO it has never been fluttery. For me, it feels like getting thumped from the inside! I don't  know if I'm only feeling his big moves, or what, but it can feel differently from person to person.
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  • @imalwaysme79 FTM and also just started to feel movement. Since I felt it much later, I didn't have any of the butterfly flutter movements others do. To be honest, at first I thought it was just gas! But now they are clearly little kicks, hard for me to describe the feeling exactly in words though 
  • How low are we talking? Sometimes I think I might feel it, but then others I do think it's gas. Grrr. 
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  • lfrank12lfrank12 member
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    She seems to be hanging out pretty low for me. All the kicks have been at belly button or below.

    ETA: I also have an anterior placenta so that may be why I'm feeling all the kicks lower
  • Has anyone else become a super light or terrible sleeper? I used to be able to sleep through the night with zero interruptions, but lately I've been waking up randomly (not even to pee!) and cannot fall back asleep. Maybe it's just my body's way of getting used to waking up with baby when she gets here? Lol
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