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Facebook group?

Has anyone made a Facebook group for the April 2017 mommies in this group?
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Re: Facebook group?

  • It is still really early to bb ttalkin Facebook Groups.
  • I don't think so, but I would be willing to join at this point. 
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  • I think once we hit the halfway point which some of us are about 2-3  weeks from we might be ready. I'm totally in for that!
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  • me too but not quite yet - a lot of people still don't know and I want to tell them in person :)
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  • I was wondering if this would get brought up, I think my Nov14 started theirs earlier but I think if others wanted to wait until about midway that would be ok with a lot of members. I like having the FB group since it's harder for me to log into TB all the time. 

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  • I know there are facebook groups for March, and May already, and I was wondering when this was going to get brought up!  I'm ready to join whenever it gets made! :) 
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  • Honestly it feels late to start a fb group.  TB is a pain to use so the sooner the better!  Just because it exists doesn't mean it has to be visible to others, so those that haven't told people don't have to worry about it getting out.
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  • I'd join one now
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  • I'd be willing to join.  Just let me know the name of the group!
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  • I wouldn't mind joining. I feel like many of us have gotta to know each other (especially the super regular posters). Although, I'd still like to see the BMB be active...
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  • I'd probably join one anytime now! But I agree with @KirstinH88 I'd like to see the BMB stay active still.
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  • My N15 didn't start one until after babies were born.  There was a bunch of us that we're really active on TB and we discussed a ton of topics on TB.  
  • I like TB but would join the FB group too. 
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  • I would join a FB group if one is created.
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  • I'd be willing to join a FB group. I joined the Feb 12 group and we've been going for almost 5 years. I regret not joining Oct 14 before everyone left.

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  • I would join a fb group as well :)
  • I would be willing to join a fb group, but what is the difference between being in a group on there or on here?  FTM here so maybe I just don't know the ins and outs of all this yet lol.
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  • I would join,  but like many others, I would be worried that it would slow activity here.
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  • I'd probably join a FB group soon - also hoping it doesn't kill TB tho! 
  • I would join. FB is easier for me to access. 
  • @SDSwenson  I thought about that but I dont think so - think facebook is more for social stuff, this here is more about going into the details, symptoms, etc.  I probably wouldnt want to post on facebook, with my name, that I am leaking pee!  over here, I have no issue sharing ;)
    Everyone in the FB group would know who you are here though...so they would be able to figure it out.  Is that what you mean?  I don't know if it's always the same, but once my last group migrated the FB, the BMB all but died. A few people stuck around but most people left because FB is a lot easier to use :(
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  • @cafedisco  not really, I don't mind YOU GUYS knowing, but facebook is less private than this forum.. I would mind OTHERS knowing.  

    I agree with you though, I would join if all my bump "friends" would be in it, you, @HGRich @KirstinH88 and people whose names I know and see regularly.  Wouldn't join if it was just a random person I never heard of. 

    Me:  35 year old FTM, a busy city banker living in London, and a constant worrier. 
    My DH:  French guy, car fanatic, best husband ever.  
    Our baby boy:  Due on 17 April, currently 37 weeks.  I can't believe it - I made it to full term!!!! 
    Last measurement:  3150 gs at 37+1!  This is going to be a big baby :)
  • @cafedisco if you start it I'll join, but depending on what the majority wants, I am easy either way.  Just not quite yet :smiley:
    Me:  35 year old FTM, a busy city banker living in London, and a constant worrier. 
    My DH:  French guy, car fanatic, best husband ever.  
    Our baby boy:  Due on 17 April, currently 37 weeks.  I can't believe it - I made it to full term!!!! 
    Last measurement:  3150 gs at 37+1!  This is going to be a big baby :)
  • Oh yeah I should add I'd far prefer it to be a closed FB group ... 
  • I guess I should add that if there is a Facebook group started, I think it would be best if it was a secret group so it can't be searched and maybe only add people that actually post on a fairly regular basis ;) 
  • Just curious, what type of stuff is usually discussed in the FB group?  At least on TB there's an easy way to seek out relevant topics and updates on ones you're interested.  I'm on FB, so I'm not opposed to there being a group, just as long as it's secret.  :D 
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  • I think everyone agrees it would be a secret group, no one from your normal group of friends would see anything you post so you wouldn't have to worry about any TMI's or other stuff. As far as trolls or the catfish, I believe the way my N14 group did it was 2-3 people were in charge of creating the group and then adding people to it. You'd have to pm them here for the add, the admins would friend you on FB and then within 24hrs they would add you to the group. I think they vetted requests on TB to make sure they weren't a first time poster or seemed suspicious or whatever, and then from their FB profile I'm sure they could tell whether or not someone was catfishing. They unfriended you once they added you to the group to protect their own profiles bc the only way to add to the secret group is to already be friends with the person, but some of us in my n14 are FB friends on our own now too after we had the babies.

    This at least was my impression of how they did it but we could have our own system here to make everyone feel comfortable. I like the deadline idea though. Our bmb didn't die until the babies were born, then everyone pretty much switched to FB. 

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  • I don't use FB anymore, so I would be sad to see people go, as that tends to happen when people find FB easier to use than TB. My old BMB had a FB group that was GREAT, but people started trolling it and it eventually got deleted. No one went back to TB, so I felt like I lost a lot of my support group. My old BMB is DEAD and it's the same three special snowflake type posters, so I don't even go there anymore, haha. I would hate to see that with this group.
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  • I'll change my vote to waiting. It does seem like an FB group is more useful closer to, and especially following birth. Right now, many of us don't have questions that need an immediate response (like, my 2 month old did X, what do I do?) so there isn't as much of a need for FB. 
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  • LittleChick2LittleChick2 member
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    Personally, I like my privacy... a lot. At this point I'm not interested in joining a Facebook group, but I probably would towards the end, assuming I feel I've made a connection with several of the people here. I always assumed the Facebook groups were created towards the end after babies were born and TB didn't seem as practical.
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