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FFFC*!!! 10/28

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Halloween Edition!!

*as always, may not be flame free*

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Re: FFFC*!!! 10/28

  • JanefelicityJanefelicity member
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    Following a few of yesterdays uo's .......

    i have a substantial collection of designer shoes & handbags (including a pair of ysl tribute sandals that i have never once worn but couldnt pass cause they were too pretty & on sale).

    i have also never gone commando - the very thought of not wearing knickers outside of my bedroom gives me the creeps

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  • krobkrob member
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    @Janefelicity i am right there with you on the designer shoes. i am completely obsessed it's my one thing. I never got into handbags thankfully. I have several that haven't been worn or worn in years. I blame NYC. It's impossible to walk in 5in heels here. I am keeping all of them for the time when either I drive a car again, or we are so rich that we take a car everywhere in the city. 

    are the tributes your fave?

    as far as commando there was a span of probably 5 years where I never wore underwear. 
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  • @krob my absolute favourites are a pair of patent louboutin biancas which i cant walk in so dont get out too often but have gotten most wear out of my wedding shoes which were champagne jimmy choo lunas & my husband bought me the matching clutch as a wedding present.
    even before i found out im having a little girl ive been fantasising about the sophia webster & charlotte olympia mum & baby matching shoes. Not sure i can justify that amount of money on a pair of baby shoes which may only fit for a week!
  • @lct2008 Girl please, that's called Friday in my home! 
  • @Spicyweiner I didn't think of the food group aspect. Lol.
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  • I'm a total designer whore over here with no shame about it!
  • I don't have money to be a designer whore. I wonder if I would be one if I had money.  The only designer stuff I have were given as gifts.  

    FFFC: I don't wear heels.  I hate them. The highest i will wear,  is one inch.  So uncomfortable.  I'm super grateful I don't need to wear them.  I don't know how guys do it.  

  • I don't wear heels because my husband is like half an inch shorter than me. I feel like a giant. He really likes heels though so I have a pair on standby  ;)
  • I like heels but don't have many. My husband and I are the same height and he literally will not stand next to me in public if I'm wearing heels.
  • @jstringfellow19, same! She has the you tube kids app, and this summer while I was dying of morning sickness I let her watch all day long some days. Oops. Good thing school started and my nausea went away! lol
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  • I'm too broke to be a designer whore.  

    Target FTW.

  • @Starfish113 last night he was watching a video with a kid and dad about "toilet monsters" and not only was the toilet dirty, but the dad demonstrated like every aspect of how a toilet works. I was like what's are you watching!?!?!? I guess if your kid wants to be a plumber that is a great video. I just rolled my eyes and went about my business. What can you do?
  • I have felt nauseous with an upset stomach since lunchtime, but have too busy of a schedule to go home.  Actually starting to feel better but already told DH that I wasn't feeling well and that he would probably be taking the kids to the Halloween costume party at school without me.  My in-laws are here and can go with them for help.  Would love some alone couch time.

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  • @GlitterDragon me too, and some Disney Junior for variety. Thankfully since I've felt better I've been more active with my son, but I still feel guilty that I haven't been doing as much as I should? 

  • @kirstynikole try not to feel guilty, you're doing your best. I tell myself this only a temporary thing and I'm doing the best I can. It works most days.
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    @mamaLlamallama those are beautiful shoes! Love the color.  Heels are gorgeous. sometimes I wish I could wear them,  but that feeling goes away quickly.  

    @scottipino I hope you feel better soon  and are able to get some rest!!

  • I might still own a pair of heels but they're buried back so far in the closet I don't remember what they actually look like. I don't own any purses, but I expect I'll need at least something with a kid on the way. I just got so used to only carrying wallet/phone/keys and get grumpy that work goes through purses and bags at the end of each shift--they don't go through pockets. 

    I have no real fashion sense so rely on my basic black-gray-blue colors in casual clothes to get me by. Lots of t-shirts and bluejeans here ;)
  • I think I own like one pair of actual heels, and I mean like skinny 4 inch tall ones. I have a pair of "kitten heels" as they were called that I wore for my wedding, but they're like half an inch tall and certainly not thin. I've always been heavier set so walking in heels gets mega uncomfortable or me.

    My confession is that I've been all about the carbs today, holy hell. French toast for breakfast, chips for a snack, and two homemade pizza pretzels for dinner. I know I needs to watch my sugars, and carbs turn into nothing but sugar, but I just couldn't help it today.

  • I do not wear heels, they hurt. I really just live in saddles till the snow comes out then uggs. I have no fashion for my feet are very practical. But purses love purses coach, Kate spade, Vera Bradley yes!

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  • yogadevilyogadevil member
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    I used to have an awesome heel collection but now I'm down to maybe 8 pairs since I don't wear them much. Mostly Aldo or from Target. I do have a pair of my beloved Manolos that I bought 10 years ago when I was at a far different income level lol. Blahnik definitely knows how to shape a woman's leg! 
  • I used to wear heals all of the time in highschool etc. but then I married someone who is barely 3 inches taller than me and I didn't want to be taller than him with heels(not that he would care) and then I had our first at 21. Now I rarely wear heels at all. I still have some pairs although recently this summer I did a lot of purging since it seemed pointless to keep all these heels I never wore and that were like 10yrs old style wise. Lol. Maybe someday I'll get back to wearing them more. Maybe when I'm not toting a small child, or all the groceries myself etc
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