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Any walkers yet?


Re: Any walkers yet?

  • mamadcb said:
    Still no walking here (he'll be one on the 21st), but more and more standing unassisted. For those of you who have walkers, how long were they standing unassisted before taking steps?
    Mine took his first steps before he was doing much standing unassisted.  He's still not doing more than a couple steps at a time, but he's standing a lot more

  • I think LO was standing unassisted for a couple weeks before she took a few steps. Within a week of taking steps she's now super confident and getting fast! Still lots of falls though, but they don't seem to stop her.
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  • Mine walked unassisted 3 weeks after first steps. We did alot of practice with the vtech walker. It's about building those thigh and leg muscles.  And them learning to support their body with one leg! Now she is running around like a mad woman. I can't catch her.
  • No independent walking yet, he will walk if you help him, and tons of cruising and standing with only one arm are happening too., 
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