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Any walkers yet?

So, our little 8.5 month old has had kind of a big 24 hours (while we're grappling with food poisoning, of all times!)  She crawled for the first time yesterday, after just scooting for forever, and then...in the space of like, 5 minutes, pulled herself into standing position in the crib and starting walking along in the crib while holding on to the sides.  All day today while home sick with dad, she has been pulling herself into standing and taking steps.  Uh...I am kind of unprepared for this to happen this early, especially since she took quite a while to master crawling - how soon do they go from assisted walking to walking unassisted?  Anyone there yet?  Any fellow assisted walkers?  

Mainly, I am very concerned about her pulling herself up into a standing position, then falling in the crib and really smacking her head.  :/ 


Re: Any walkers yet?

  • Thats great, although also very sad as a momma that your baby is growing up so fast.

    My LO is crawling, and he pulls himself up on his knees and "walks" a few steps along whatever he pulled up on...it's funny that he's doing it on his knees instead of feet. 
  • It takes a while. We're not there yet with our LO, and she's been cruising for over a month. The squatting and standing will help build up those muscle groups, but it's a process. LO was 9 months on the 13th.
    My daughter has face planted a ton against the bars in the crib. We just give her cuddles, and try to remember that it's not that much of a fall.I think she's more offended than hurt, and she gets frustrated if she gets stuck that way.
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  • LO has been "cruising" around the furniture for over a month now. She pulls herself up to everything, and I have gotten used to her falling. The first few times gave me a heart attack...but now I'm used to it. And she has hit her head HARD (has had a bruised forehead and all). She just cries for a second, shakes it off, and keeps moving. Luckily, the falls have become more rare.   
    She also loves walking while Mommy or Daddy hold her hands. This week, she has started walking while I hold onto only one hand. All of this to say that it will probably take a while before she is walking unassisted. 

  • Brynlee is walking unassisted! she's determined to keep up with big brother who is only 13 months older! 
  • We also had a crawler and an assisted walker/puller upper within a short amount of time, and while she had a bad cold too. It's a lot all at once!! LO was soooo excited too, and going down to sleep was super rough for the first few days... both because she was so excited about this new skill so she preferred to try it out in her crib rather than sleeping, and because she has had some bad falls in her crib (hit her head, lots of crying). I don't think there's much we can do to totally protect our LOs from falling, and its part of the process for them to learn. Sleeping has actually still been a challenge now that she stands in her crib  :/ and I'm sure it'll get even worse once she figures out unassisted walking and climbing. 
  • Our little one is assisted walking. She walks along the couch or table and she will walk with her play walker across the room. She pulled herself up around 6.5 months but only started walked assisted a few weeks ago. I'm not ready but at the same time very excited!
  • LO is also assisted walking and walking along the couch. She can even stand on her own for a few seconds before falling on her butt. We actually just got her a walker by vtech. Hope she feels better soon! 
  • Aurora can walk unassisted and does sometimes but she still prefers to crawl, its faster. 
  • DS has been doing assisted walking for about a month now.  he's had a couple nasty falls at daycare, but so far none at home.
  • Assisted walker here, and has been for about a month.  I was pretty concerned about falls at first, but since he's been doing it, he's learned to fall better (if that makes sense).  He doesn't just fall back or forward, he falls on his butt.

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  • It's so much fun now that Brynlee is walking, but also terrifying because she thinks she's much more steady than she really is. She took a really nasty fall yesterday where she hit her head on both the cabinet, then the floor... she was definitely dazed for a bit, but it's back to walking around and acting herself this morning...
  • Thanks so much for all the responses!  Happy to hear that the assisted walking/cruising phase lasts for a while!  Things progressed so quickly in 24 hours I was afraid she'd be walking next week!  Haha.  And it's reassuring to know that falling and occasionally bonking their heads is just sort of part of the process.  Especially reassuring because she hit her face on the crib today, when she missed a step, and cried something awful, but seems no worse for the wear.  All part of learning and growing!  Albeit slightly too fast for my taste! ;)
  • My girl walked independently at 9 months 2 weeks..she is now 10 months, walking 100% of the time..I used vtech walker, it helped abit. 
  • We still have an assisted walker here but shes getting a bit more brave and letting go and balancing. She took a few steps so far but nothing major!
  • Our daughter started walking unassisted at 8 1/2 months old it didn't take her Long to go from standing assisted to letting go and walking. At 11 months old now she runs all over the place. She did everything quite early for her age. She crawled early sat up all on her own early to cruising and walking now running around. As for falling her hitting her head in the crib it has happened but it's not as bad as it sounds they only do it once or twice till they realize the bed moves when they are walking in there it was never really bad just a little bump on the headboard maybe a little tear but unfortunately that's part of the walking phase is falls and bumps and bruises. Good luck to all the newly cruising/walking babies they are all growing up so fast. Our daughter just learned to hold a crayon and move it around on paper it's Absolutely amazing to see them learn and grow each and every day.
  • @shortstuff15 don't they grow fast? How has been here sleep at night? Mine has spent all her life "practising " skills at night...she has never consistently sttn...but with walking,climbing she tires by bedtime, sleeping better...
  • @Mamapema she use to sleep through the night great as a baby she now wakes once or twice a night sometime not at all but it's usually to be comforted I usually lay her back down and rub her back for a few secs and she's out again so I think it's more that she wants to know I'm there she's attached to me. She is still a great sleeper we try to really play hard towards bedtime so she goes to bed easily that always works.
  • Little guy took his first steps today! He's such a fast crawler. I thought he'd be late walking cause he got around so fast crawling. He stood up this morning unassisted and walked about seven steps right to me! My dh and I were caught off guard. He didn't try and more the rest of the day. I really wanted to get him on video! But he doesn't do requests no matter how hard I try.
  • @Hipshaker congrats! Be ready to run! @shortstuff15, you're describing my baby. She gets 12hrs of sleep with 1-2 wakes up or non at all. Sometimes I just yell from my bed, "sleeping, sleeping, you're ok" she goes back down and sleeps. We come long ways..
  • Anyone else have this happen - my LO loves to walk back and forth in the crib while holding on, loves to walk back and forth next to the coffee table holding on, but when I hold her and help her take steps she has a total meltdown!  Hates it.  If I put her on the ground she wants to sit and then crawl, NO assisted walking.  I mean, I just assume I shouldn't push it and let her explore the way she wants to, I just find it kind of amusing and odd.
  • @maureenmce yes! He LOVES walking assisted as long as that assistance isn't from me lol if I try to hold his hands and help him walk he will just become dead weight and cry hahaha 
  • @maureenmce my LO has her days. Sometimes she will grab my fingers and walk around. Other days she rips her arm out of my hand and gets all grumpy. She just wants to do it on her own hahaha
  • @maureenmce LO doesn't have a melt down but she goes all limp! I just chalk it up to her being independent and wanting to do it in her own. 
  • David doesn't do this but I am loving imagining all these independent babies going limp in protest of mama's help walking. I'm sure it can be frustrating but it sounds adorable! Please capture on video to show him/her as a teenager :)
  • @mamadcb it's so funny! He will even hang his head down as if his neck no longer works if I try to help him lol 
  • Haha! I thought mine was the only one! She'll take about 3 steps holding my hands, then the knees buckle and she won't go any farther. I've stopped trying. Good to know that can be normal. 
  • Mine  likes to hold onto my pants and practice while I walk backwards.  but if I try to hold his hands - nope
  • nackie said:
    Mine  likes to hold onto my pants and practice while I walk backwards.  but if I try to hold his hands - nope
    Mine loves holding my pants tooo. She almost pants'ed me today when I was facetiming my friend and I was still in my pajamas. 
  • Mine took first steps a week before 9 months and was similar about help walking. Never really was into it and would walk some days but not others. 
  • Ramsey just took his first steps 2 days ago! He has been pulling up and walking around furniture for awhile and is one of the fastest crawlers i have ever seen. Lol. He has never held onto my fingers and let me help either. Like some of you others moms he actuallt freaked out and screamed at me and fell to the ground. He is a very busy boy. So let more fun and chasing begin!
  • Samuel just took his first steps yesterday on Christmas! He will be one on January 5! 
  • We had our first step yesterday too!  It was just one step and then he caught my hands, but the whole family saw and gave him a big round of applause.  He was so proud of himself.  DS turned 11 months today
  • @nackie @kaym6 how exciting! Especially on Christmas!!! 

    Ours took a step or two about a month back. She just started doing 5-6 feet and getting more confident. For those who have walking babies, how long did it take for them to go from small distance to flat out running around? 
  • My LO took her first two steps on Nov 13th and she's still only done 3 or 4 max and will only try walking if I'm sitting on the floor and she can kinda dive into my arms. I think it's hard for her to balance since she's tall and has tiny feet haha. Plus there's always that crawling is faster thing! 
  • @KFrob hahahaha yes crawling is faster! My LO must think that too. When she started crawling it took her a good week to become a pro, I guess walking is way more complicated so takes longer. So cute watching them try though! 
  • Birdie is walking about 80% of the time. She took her first steps one day after 10 months--back in November, but it wasn't until this weekend where it was a real effort to move on her feet most of the time. She's starting to get brave, too. Trying to run a few steps, and then falling flat on her belly. Last night, she invented a game where she would laugh hysterically while run-walking between daddy and me, but stopping before she got to us, and just diving toward us.
  • cali1710 said:
    For those who have walking babies, how long did it take for them to go from small distance to flat out running around? 
    Brynlee took two steps on October 12. By November 2, she was walking. And now, 2 weeks until her birthday, she's full speed ahead, all day long. She's not just walking, but running and climbing. 
  • LO is moving more and more towards walking! He can take 8-9 steps now and he's so stinking proud of himself when he does it. I fully expect him to be full speed ahead by his birthday.
  • Wren took her first steps back in November, but didn't really go beyond taking a few steps here and there and then throwing herself at her destination. But, in the last two weeks, she has really gotten the walking thing down, and walks pretty much all of the time now. I was hoping she'd be fully walking by her first birthday, and she most definitely is (her birthday was the 7th). 
  • Still no walking here (he'll be one on the 21st), but more and more standing unassisted. For those of you who have walkers, how long were they standing unassisted before taking steps?
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